“The Media Is Harder on Biden Than on Trump”


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  1. "…Biden actually is getting worse coverage now than Trump…", hmmm, just a thought but perhaps he is the President and Trump is not. Never mind the thought there should be a free ride, just because and the fact that Biden and his administration has been bunch of world class screw ups since day one.

  2. Hang on. He said the media have "turned on Biden more than Trump". That's actually true.

    The media were against Trump from the start. No turning.

    With Biden, they've been forced to abandon their original positions (in some cases and with gritted teeth)

  3. The media is harder on Biden than they were on Trump.
    Hard like you could only get with Viagra, there is so much infatuation.
    The media boys are so thirsty for a response to any of their questions to the snoring geezer that isn't "THANK YOU BYE THANK YOU BYE THANK YOU"

  4. The media: [universal acclaim for Biden, he can do no wrong, he is the second coming of Christ]
    Biden: [acts true to himself – a walking disaster of an old man who screwed up every single foreign policy he touched in the last 40 years]
    The media: "We're too hard on him."

  5. When RussiaGate, UkrainianGate, Energy independencegate, Afghanistan Gate, CRT gate, Ole Pedo JoeGate , China Gate , grouping your daughter in showers gate , Justice department gate, FBI gate , America Last Gate & Gates & faucifuckhead commie flu jab lifestyle Gate all kick off then…. then little hobbit looking fella then maybe you will be able to stand on a pedestal & start screaming … but until all of that starts off I'd say shhhhhhh little dude shhhhhhh.

  6. Let's even say fine and agree if you take into consideration the global media and not just those suck ups in the USA, he;s being 'hit hard' because he's a completely incompetent senile old fart who's place is in a retirement home and not leading a formerly respected country into becoming a communist dictatorship. Period.

  7. Now let's take you away from any figures and stats, and let's just…. Share our already paid for opinions.

    Trump bad, Biden worse. But Biden good. Trump evil. But Biden… Hated by bad people. Trump hated by good people.

    That's all from me Mark di…brian stelter CNN.

  8. …These people really lie to us on national television for a living. They have to be lying–gross stupidity and negligence doesn't cut it anymore.

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