The Media is Hiding Important Details about the Omicron Variant

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  1. Information coming out of South Africa and Scandinavia confirm the Omicron variant is more transmissible but less pathogenic.. with mild symptoms and no hospitalisations. Anyone who knows how viruses work would understand this scenario is very probable as killing your host does not benefit the virus.

  2. The people cheering about further lockdowns is the media, especially the BBC cause they think it would make more people watch them. Unfortunately for them, it just gets more people red pilled.

  3. So basically we've reached the point where the deadly strains have burned out and the new strains are just settling into the ecology. Just like other pathogens have done in the past. Seasonal variants will be the norm, just like influenza before it. But instead of letting us all go back to our lives we're stuck with stupid responses. 🤡🌏

  4. The BBC is largely garbage at this point and needs to go.

    To be fair, I know Nick Triggle comes in for some flack here (and fair enough), but I have to say he has been (within the BBC) a relative voice of reason during the pandemic. It was he who wrote a piece in summer 2020 (before the vaccines were known about) asking whether it was time we just started living with Covid?

    Most of the articles I have seen from him have been more measured in their perspective. This segment from the Lotus Eaters makes me wonder (not for the first time) what might be the line between his own personal sentiments and the editorial policy that the BBC is obviously pursuing with the pandemic.

  5. South Africa testing for Omicron is incidental / hospital patients routinely tested. A couple of folk have reported having covid 19 last year, double vaccinated and still contracted Omicron but very, very mild symptons. 2-3 days and then over it. The same with unvaccinated apparently.

  6. I did actually read a BBC article yesterday that clearly stated, words to the effect of, "This strain can be treated at home". I'm sure if you click through the articles you'll find it. (BBC, UK Website)

  7. I'm seriously wondering if this is the Corona virus returning to its natural state that was the common cold. It was always discussed openly that there wasn't any way to vaccinate against the cold and the biggest change in the virus is the entire basis of the vaccine. The longer this goes on the more questions that need to be answered if there will ever be trust in authority again. Even the ppl pushing the vaccine policies seem to be finally getting the answer to the equation and realizing that the answer they were given before was just wrong.

  8. All this hopium given by the likes of Fauci is just the mind control technique of putting a carrot on a stick. The elites will wear down the masses into compliance with continuous cycles of bad news followed by a little bit of good news. The plandemic will never end for as long as the majority of people comply.

  9. 1. Omicron is the mildest variant, mild or asymptomatic, no hospitalizations, highest infectiousness.
    2. Omicron also looks like it originates from one of the March 2020 variants rather than anything more recent.

    These things are incredibly striking together. Sure as hell seems like someone developed it from an early sample to disarm The Pandemic™. A contagious vaccine.

  10. I find the most amazing thing no one is talking about is that Omicron is a pandemic of the Vaccinated. Only the Vaccinated are free to travel; therefore they are the ones getting it & bringing back to pass on to both Vaccinated & Un vaccinated.
    In Tasmania we do not have COVID full bloody stop; yet we are now into a full blown advertising blitz because the "BORDERS Are about to be opened to let in the Sainted VACCINATED TOURISTS" IOT get the money flowing.
    This bloody advertising takes the form of advise to help us stop the spread of & prevent COVID. Here's a bloody Hot Tip keep the fucking Borders closed unless you can prove you DO NOT HAVE THE FUCKING VIRUS. If you honestly want to have the fucking tourists then when they arrive TEST Them & if they have the fucking virus put them & all the other passengers back on the bloody plane & send them home for being unclean!

  11. So this is basically the variant that is highly infectious but very mild so it teaches the immune system how to react in the future, this is literally the variant we need to let rip through the country, more restrictions now means we won't get the protection we need naturally against more deadly variants especially as we millenials get older

  12. Virologists know from every previous pandemic that they become less deadly after 2 years or so as there is an evolutionary pressure on the virus to become less deadly. Deadly virus get repressed. Undeadly viruses, like the flu (which was very deadly at one point), live on forever only killing people who are of ill health.

  13. Omicron is a very good thing – it's like an auto-vaccine. If it becomes the dominant strain, it could effectively wipe out all the more deadly ones and bring the entire world up to herd immunity.

  14. But guuuuys !
    Christmas & New Years Eve are just around the corner.

    If we don't get some proper lock-downs going soon, People might
    spend their time with loved ones & friends, rather than watching TV
    and buying things of Amazon ! 😱

  15. No data? They have data…lots of it…THE DEATH IS ZERO so far

    So why be so obtuse?

    They want it to be worse…they need it to be worse…the WHO has NO AUTHORITY OR PURPOSE if the death rate is ZERO

  16. Excellent news from Pfizer!!!

    "A third dose is effective against severe disease and death from Omicron"


    Except…Omicron doesn't produce severe disease or death

    Ergo zero doses is ALSO is effective against disease and death from Omicron

    AND zero doses is also 100% effective at preventing jab deaths and injury

    Make good choices…

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