The media is protecting Amber Heard & Gayle King

#IStandWithGayle #JusticeforJohnnyDepp

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Written by Aba & Preach


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  2. Both of them have the right to their own opinion. Gale was right for insuring the public is informed about Bryants human side where he made huge mistakes. Snoop dog has the right to defend his heroes. Conversation over. Not sure why yol trying to cancel a dead man… its pointless

  3. The trouble is twitter promotes a mob mentality, context isn’t valued. Not enough characters. I can’t understand how domestic can be excused if it’s perpetrated by the woman. I admired Kobe so much, his death still makes me sad and I’m not one to grieve celebrities. Journalism is giving way to click bait. Those questions Gayle asked were brutal and not necessary given the time passed and the tone of the interview. The man wasn’t cold yet. How’s his daughter supposed to see that?

  4. You guys are always so on point….but not here.

    It is not a black issue that prominent figures reputations are tarnished and viewed negatively to a detriment.

    It happens to everyone and constantly. We as a society have moved to a place where people can’t make mistakes and become defined by their worst qualities or actions.

    Look around. Damn near every historical figure has been re-evaluated to be awful. We used to understand intuitively that people were flawed and also products of their time and environment. Now, we judge historical figures on the values and social contract we have today, which makes no sense.

    It doesn’t make sense to lambast George Washington for owning slaves, at least not specifically or in a targeted way. The vast majority of the world at the time engaged in slavery. Of course we know it’s horrible and judge the practice rightfully evilly, but it is pointless to point those things out in individuals that loved 300 years ago.

    So, we need to cut that shit out. And to be clear, GW and slavery was just an example. We should scrutinize truly horrible people like Harvey Weinstein. But, someone like Kobe where there’s a lot of uncertainty and inconsistency in what appears to be an isolated event, it doesn’t make sense.

    Really confused about the michael Jackson defense though! Dude….come on. There’s a ton of evidence and a longstanding pattern of behavior coming from separate sources. Don’t be so naive. Just because MJ was black doesn’t mean there was a worldwide conspiracy to tear him down. Prior to those allegations, he was possibly the most beloved person alive.

    A lot of black celebs get passes. MJ, R Kelly, Farrakhan, Sharpton, Desean Jackson, especially within the black community. And that’s fine I guess because it’s complicated, but don’t make this character assassination issue about race, it isn’t.

    It’s about a media culture that thrives on negativity and exposing people.

  5. Yeah I see people offended by being proven wrong often. Just winning an argument with no toxicity in it can lead to people getting banned or blocked for little to no good reason. I can understand this reaction if it was about core beliefs, but banning or blocking somebody over a petty topic just doesn't sit right.

  6. No offence but Gayle kinda deserved the criticism the dude hadn't been buried yet, his wife found out he was dead from TMZ,she messed up a little, she apologised . Snoop sure shouldn't said her ugly but still.
    I was upset about never land because he's been dead 11 years. Not saying MJ is a Saint but i found minor contradictions

  7. They did that because they didn't want to criticize Gale or CBS for any wrong doing. Snoop gave them the avenue to divert attention away from the actual problem because people like Drama and Snoop provided it on a silver platter.

  8. They won't admit thier wrong because that would be admitting they gaslighted Depp with little more evidence then the ramblings of a demented gash..its shows thier credibility is ZERO!!