The Media Outlets Demanding Joe Rogan’s Removal from Spotify Spread Far More Disinformation

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To justify their efforts to pressure Spotify to remove Joe Rogan, employees of media corporations claim to be deeply concerned by the “disinformation” he is spreading. Yet nobody spreads disinformation more aggressively, destructively or recklessly than these media corporations, strongly suggesting some different motive in wanting Rogan silenced.

Written by Glenn Greenwald


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  1. The world will be a better place without republican party,they are full of hate and division,the party is filled with the kkk,neo nazi,white nationalist.white supremacist,the list goes on and on,they are anti immigrants but they forget that,America is the land of immigrants unless you are native American.republicans are like a tree without roots.

  2. It’s obvious there’s collusion within corporate media. And they almost operate exclusively through a “repressive tolerance” type perspective. (Instead of it being solely leftism, it’s like corporatism or government-ism based lies, error or problems.)

    But the bigger problem is, how is it that the X number of people listening to these outlets simply forget that they have lied how many times? And the lies are not just innocent information mishaps, they are strategically design disinformation campaigns to create political velocity for a group, to allow for a bigger governmental decision to occur, to attack some or to protect a fellow comrade.

    People forgetting all of this, that is the hard part to grasp here…. Is our attention really that bad? Do we really forget this quickly? Is our ideology so strong that we are willing to accept anything our “group” says?

  3. Liberals argue rightfully that a formal legal recognition of equality without the appropriate cultural factors and economic opportunities in place does not guarantee equality, but do not see that the same is true for free speech, a formal recognition of it is not enough unless we also have a culture which prioritizes free speech and do not use institutional power to coerce speech. I once heard the term “cultural censorship” in a sociology class, how accurate is that term to the current political climate.

  4. the question is not that it is happening but why, the simple reason is that capitalism is breaking down the chinese have weaponized it and america is corrupt, the real issue is corporate tax rate, if they dont pay more you wont have a civil society

  5. How ludicrous….main stream media is the problem…. they've been doing the dirty work of governments and corporations for years….I urge everyone to ignore them …hit them where it hurts 🙏

  6. I suspect the central Democratic party narrative of pharma mandates, illogic, and brazen attempts to censor and control speech is likely to push all Independents( including me) and likely a number of long-time Democrats strongly the other way. I despise both parties, but the Democrats have gone utterly insane. Their direct support, or SILENCE, as applicable, is, for me, unforgivable. Guessing I am not alone. I always appreciate Glenn's unwavering approach to free speech, it's not a partisan issue. Spin all you want, but I'm not forgetting come election time. And no, I'm not "anti-vax !"

  7. The problem is not Joe Rogan misinformation, the problem is that the majority of people do not have the level of reading comprehension and listening skills to understand how many time the corporate media has lied. These topics of foreign affairs, economics, warfare, etc, are topics that are too complex, the major part of the population only understand or choose to only understand, racism, sexual culture, you know, tabloid news. Its very hard for most Americans to understand why the war in Iraq is one of the worse lies and deception, as well as wealth transfer in American history.

  8. It’s dumb, but I just LOVE when glen puts on his glasses, reads something ridiculous, and then gives a little smirk like what he just read is silly instead of SCARY. It’s silly how scary shit is for sure…. GO GLENN thanks for doing the tough work of shifting through bullshit so I can focus on other things in my life and still be informed. And not feel like I’m being lied to by you. It’s gotten to the point where we can’t even trust ourselves….. deepfakes, video editing, holograms (that do exist) I find it hard to believe we clone animals in the millions every day but scientists “haven’t found a way” or “we haven’t tried because it’s unethical” to clone humans…. I can’t even trust my OWN eyes and ears and touch and smell…. For fucks sake, some restaurants use fake aromas to entice you to come buy their food…. Everything is MARKETING. And if you start to trust yourself too much, I’m sure there’s a charge you can get like “excessive use of free thought”

  9. Yeah actually the fake Media Fox CNBC NBC Cbs and CNN is being exposed for propaganda media first they said you wouldn't get covered if you got the vaccine that was a lie and then they said you wouldn't transmit the virus if you got the vaccine that was a lie lie liar liar pants on fire

  10. No people are interested in the truth and each town there will be individuals that will create their own news against the criminal government fake stream propaganda that's being exposed and this was a plan to bring our economy down with covid through massive inflation and getting rid of all the small businesses .

  11. Would be really great is if all the young people start having protests against the criminal government and all their towns and the citizens like their fathers or mothers older people very old people we all start standing up because inflation is going to be worse and you're going to start seeing more stuff missing on the shelf within the next year gas is already up to $5 a gallon better wake up people they've been running psychological operations on us.

  12. Your value to the fight for free speech and honest journalism, no matter if I agree with the outcome is tremendous. I admire you for that and we would disagree on many issues. Keep up the fight, there are far to few real journalists left. Free Assange!

  13. As to the marching orders about dismissing of the lab leak theory, I distinctly remember that it was DHS that declared lab leak as an impossibility as there were no "telltale features suggesting modification". You can fact check me on that because I know that I am right. I know because I discussed with a friend and said, now it does not matter, they have dismissed it and that is what the media will report and that is what the perception will be. I was right.

  14. As a long time lefty (queer, brown…) who is also a fan of Joe Rogan (and dialogue in general), it’s absolutely appalling to see the smear campaigns and those who support them or allow themselves to be misled. I am so glad that people, like Glenn, with strong regard for critical thinking and who I consider real journalists & defenders of freedom – are speaking out against this malignant manipulation/propaganda.

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