The Media uses Lies and CRT to Divide America

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  1. Can't wait until more people realize that it was the democrats that did everything in history that the democrats scream about. Iron Law of Leftist Projection.

  2. "whites are constantly told they are good already"

    What she means is they just don't see others like them in police mugshots on the news all the time…

  3. Pure child abuse.
    Everything the lefties do that think they're bettering the world is absolutely tragic.
    AND all the things in Canada about Residential schools, those were left wing. Residential Schools embodied the social work of the time and is a shockingly strong example of the white saviour, which is every white leftist. Don't let them try to say Residential schools were right wing policy. They absolutely were not

  4. They intentionally make it so vague though, that they can just change the name and then call you disingenuous and inflammatory when you call it by the former name.

  5. Look at cities, towns & boroughs that promote diversity & multiculturalism. You can see they are shit holes.
    When towns are majority white they are cleaner. Add that to your critical race theory.

  6. The lame stream media, enemy of the people, propaganda machine of the government, gas lighters on steroids, slaves to big tech and as evil as the CCP

  7. They've no one to blame but themselves, favouring sensationalism over facts.
    Money and career, over integrity.
    Activism, over actual journalism and a bias to the left, over impartiality and objective reporting!
    The quicker it dies and the alternatives and independent (actual) can take over the better!

  8. Nobody trusts the US media because to anybody who is paying attention knows it is controlled by the government. I suppose it's just a coincidence so many politicians are married to journalists and vice versa? I suppose it's just a coincidence that CNN keeps James Clapper(Former Director of National Intelligence under both Bushes and Obama) as a contributor? I suppose it's just a coincidence that NBC/MSNBC keeps John Brennan(Former CIA Director under Obama) as a contributor? The intel community control the US media.

  9. I'm reading and watching some documentaries on the Balkans War and I realized that this is the same shit, same language, same modus operandi, same results.

  10. I will not be forced to feel shame for my ancestors and who I am. Nobody should. The more they push this anti-white identitarianism, the more normies who are Europeans are waking up and becoming proud of who they are.

  11. 11:47 Save your virtue signaling Sargoy, the standards HAVE been equal for decades now, and look at the results. Displeasing to the elite. So now that's why the darks are given a leg up, because they NEED it to be on the same level as the Nons. Catch my drift?

  12. What I love about the January 6th thing is the lefties are now trying to pretend they have always been the ones on the side of police and its the Trump side that have been after killing officers.

    Worst part is everyone seems to agree. It's like I'm the only one who remembers an alternate universe or something

  13. This is why I cancelled my TVs licence and stopped watching or listening to any BBC output (even the few things I used to like, just as a matter of principle). There had been a bias for a long time, but the infestation of wokeism turned it up to 11 and they stared systematic manipulation of the news and some outright blatant provable lies – that's when I couldn't take it anymore.