The Media Won’t Show You What’s Really Happening With China And The W0rld 0rder!

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The Media Won’t Show You What’s Really Happening With China And The W0rld 0rder!

In this video, we give you a geopolitical update on US-China tensions and break down the clash between China and the W0rld 0rder.

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Written by WeAreChange

News is what somebody somewhere wants to suppress; all the rest is advertising. - Lord Northcliffe


  1. Sorry I can’t donate at this time but truly know that I watch everyone of your videos and I try to remember to like everyone of them. I appreciate you, I really do! I hope one day I get to shake your hand!

  2. Spent ten years in Asia I would love to send SJWS there make them live like regular Asians not in some stupid tourist trap resort. So they can see what real racism is, then maybe they won't scream and riot everytime a cop does his job.

  3. Extraordinary to hear sensible words from Mr. Bean. Even more extraordinary, an anglophone who can speak more bester English, without more mangling worser. Can I say the same thing twice more? You should take some speaking lessons. At first I thought you had a speed impediment, but sadly you are just irritating, even if what you have to say is valuable. Please learn to speak, then you may be taken more seriously.

    COMPLETE & UTTER DESTRUCTION. 9/17/20 ~Maranatha~

  5. For al the science and truth deniers. Aka globies: North Star Never Moves while we supposedly spin, tilt back and forth while wobbling throughout the year with no change in the North Star or any Parallax change with any constellation. Not one person or scientist can explain that. Are you Aware that modern science says Earth is at the centre of the Universe? Look it up. I believed and pushed all of the space nonsense for many many years. Studying Heliophysics, Quantum Mechanics as well as the physics, sound and vibrational changes that has many different effects and so on. Some was true. But to sell a lie, you’ve gotta hide some truth in it sometimes. Listen, they even say we are a a carbon life form correct?
    Ok, why do they also say we are 6 protons, 6 neutrons, and 6 electrons? They say earths tilt is 23.4 degrees. Which leaves you with 66.6 degrees. They say we travel around the sun @ 66 600 miles per hour.
    The measurement for the So called curvature of the Earth is 8” x Miles squared. Which means, @ 10 miles the “Curvature” is supposed to be 66.6’. The list goes on.
    Moon landings were a hoax. Clearly?
    The ISS is faked and same with the space walks. They are in a pool!!! That’s why you see bubbles in space sometimes!!!
    Dam it. Wake up!

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  7. "The business of China is business. The business of the United States is war" Gerald Celente. To compound alleged US atrocities, is the US performing involuntary hysterectomies on refugees? It's getting hard to bat for you guys.