The Media’s Deranged Hysteria Over Elon Musk’s Restoration of Free Speech

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We focused this monologue on the media’s truly panic-driven and demented meltdown over the possibility that there will be one social media platform on the internet — Twitter — that they cannot censor and control. The monologue examines the underlying motives and drives that cause corporate media employees to panic in the face of free speech, as well as the insidious and potent plan that is being constructed — right out in the open — to destroy any social media platform that refuses to submit to censor orders, the way they did to Parler.

We believe there is no more urgent issue than the full-scale, multi-pronged attack on free speech on the internet. The censorship regime they are constructing will enable them to propagandize the population without challenge and fully control the flow of information. That is why we are devoting our work and producing our show on Rumble, a company that we truly believe is committed to preserving free speech and defying censorship pressures not only as a brand but as a cause. Stay tuned for the premiere of our new live SYSTEM UPDATE. We hope you enjoy this glimpse of the show we are in the final stages of perfecting.

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Written by Glenn Greenwald


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  1. yes yes yes great speech!
    but a problem that has to be addressed, is the entourage and mob going with these corrupt and authoritarian organisations.
    I made my rich experience in european online media forums.
    whenever you say something critical about the way media behaves, or have an oppositional view on world politics, like being a peacenik, a shitstorm by a very probably organized mob will break loose. they just call you everything, and they hijack your own words and turn them inside out to threaten you.
    how is this possible at all? to me it seems that the organizers of such authoritarian and shoehorned agenda are beasts from hell and need to be treated like that. they are in bed with those who blew up the pipelines.

  2. As a retired network level news executive….I can confidently state this ALL began shortly after 9/11, when the intelligence community took over broadcast news…what did you expect to happen ?

  3. a journalist is neither a judge nor a shaman. s/he might be a stenographer on behalf of oligarchy though.

    what really counts in this Elon controversy, is that he is revealing the grip of oligarchy on the communication of the ordinary people, which grip is not a component of democracy.
    in other words, there is massive but extrajudicial and arbitrary banning of people from communication, and then banking accounts, workplace, and more.

  4. Glen you are the GOAT!!! The fact that you can get thru that with a straight face makes certain you could do SNL weekend update anytime (watch out Colin Jost!) These handwringing, pearl clutching, fainting couch reaching, textbook histrionics are so blatantly pathetic – if they could only really see themselves they’d die of shame! But as you say there is a darker agenda lurking for which these chimps are just useful idiot shills – beware people, be very, very aware

  5. Does art imitate life or does life imitate art? Every generation finds out the govt is controlling us. (1984) Then the young overthrow it. Then the young enjoy the money and power….and so the cycle continues. All as we travel 4 billion miles a year through space on an infinite highway.

  6. This guy is terrific, a great journalist. I saw him on Megyn Kelly's utube show and was blown away. This guy has such common sense he makes the world seem sane, lol. So glad this came up on my utube rotation, I am really scrutinizing my news sources these days. This guy is the real deal, he could think circles around most modern main stream journalists, and often does!

  7. I enjoy very much, what I believe was Jack's revenge.
    He made his walkout when oligarchic pressure became unbearable, but he told to Agrawal "just censor as much as they want, and you will be good."
    Now this was cunning. And it was the entry door for Elon, who seems to do the right thing.

  8. I do not understand why anyone believe that the WP and the NYT are anything other than the American equivalents of Izvestia and Pravda. Propaganda by any other name would smell the same.

  9. Glenn's monologue is great but needs partnership in context, targeting related issues.
    The problem is this:
    We can plead for free speech, and Glenn speaks well for it, but the distorted educational systems and media have brainwashed the people to not want free speech, as it would allow people to speak whom they hate, and part of that "enlightened" hate has been engineered as well.
    But we should see the power of dichotomies and dialectics in a different direction.
    This engineering against free speech and other rights is based on temptation.
    If we divert from ideals and values, we will see other values on the rise that are much more selfish.
    And here comes the crux: The same oligarchies that hate on Elon, have destroyed the energy economy, and we need to use the fact, that people soon will become utterly furious about that arbitrary, unnecessary outburst of irrational, mad, messianic frenzy.
    You cannot deal with the climate issue and energy crisis without collaborating with China and Russia.
    One has too many people (but they are planting billions of trees btw) and the other has too much area.
    Neither can be forced by war to do something the way these oligarchies want it. Tip of the iceberg: Taiwan voted against Mrs. Tsai.
    War makes it impossible to make progress about climate.

  10. I think what the panic mongers are revealing about themselves is that they fear the working class. They fear that their beliefs and interests are only those of a small minority, which is rich liberals. Rich liberals are a minority, and they are defenceless, in the sense that they won't take up arms in their own defence and no-one esle will take up arms in their defence either, because their politics has become so aggressively anti-worker and anti-poor in practise, in terms of what policies they implement in office and what policies they endorse when they endorse candidates and the Democratic party slate. They want censorship, and they want to be able to veto election outcomes, because they need to hide behind the police, and they can only fdo that when they are in office and able to give directions to the police, FBI and NSA. They didn't used to be defenceless, because they used to be in alliance with organised labor in the US. But since they started destroying that alliance, and helping dismantle union power and union membership, relying on political fundraising from the rich and corporations, they've drifted far to the right in objective policy terms, and they've completely lost that implied protection from rightwing political violence.

  11. I miss a closer view on technocratic issues.
    There is a causal chain in the "app" paradigm itself.
    Why need an app at all, when Twitter and most other sites work with HTML on regular computers?
    Elon can and should circumvent the need for apps. He might manage to establish a browser that runs social media and works well on smartphones, consuming not too much battery.
    I think this causal chain has deliberate choices made. Making users depend on apps, creates an instance of gatekeeping where these apps can be downloaded, and another instance of censorship in that the operating system by Apple can block certain apps as well.
    Now look at the conditions for at least a billion people, who live in a situation of war and poverty, or close to that from day to day. This eggshell mentality to them is absolutely impossible.
    They need something that works. Protection and gatekeeping makes no sense when you can't shoot and can't be productive.
    Perhaps Elon and affiliated companies can create an alternative app technology based on mini-browsers without depending on gatekeepers.

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