The Media’s OVERT Bias Against Trump Pushes Liberals Right, INSANE Polarization Drives People Away

Tim and guest Brandon Straka unpack what happened that the media read the room so wrong before the 2016 election and Brandon shares the impact that watching media bias had on his choice to leave the left.

Guest: Brandon Straka (@BrandonStraka on Twitter, YouTube),

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Written by Timcast IRL


  1. I would like to say that people in the service industry are so rabid about it is because their managers beat it into their heads that they’ll lose their jobs if they don’t act militantly about it (speaking from firsthand experience).

  2. I found you by watching Karlyn Borysenko who I found through Unsafe Space. I am floored to see that I am in good company voting for Trump. Where I live and work I have been attacked and told I'm evil and racist. How could I not vote for Hillary you're a woman. I'm a woman who knows her own mind. I'll darn well vote for whoever I want. My brother is in the vaccine trial. He told me the investigators are so excited t o be working with Operation Warp Speed and that great things are happening. Tell this to NY TDS and they tell you not true. It's coming back worse and they can't wait to be quarantined again and get extra unemployment benefits. I love hearing people speak intelligently! Good show.

  3. If you are a carrier of Covid, you should wear a mask. Are you a carrier? Have you been tested? If you don't know, and you care about other people, you should wear a mask. – My nephew died of Covid. He caught it from someone – probably a carrier who was not wearing a mask.

  4. Only 9,000 people died OF covid, 8,000 of them very, very elderly. Everyone else who died dies because they were already real sick, they died WITH covid.