The Melania Tapes Make me Respect Her Even More

Melania tapes!


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  1. Speaking of Christmas, I was in an store yesterday picking up some stuff and they already had Christmas stuff out on the shelves. Halloween isn’t even here yet. They’ve tuned Christmas into a business and have lost the true meaning of it. It’s all about the money man !!

  2. If I became first lady and was told that for no apparent reason other than historic gender role nonsense, my job is to plan the entire xmas party at the white house, I'd be pissed too.

  3. As if Liberals and the left believe in Christmas or Jesus? They are more concerned about Islam and probably want more Mosques in USA/West! The left in the west are hypocrites and total toxic degenerates.

  4. The Maoist Press wants to hurt Trump in anyway they can. His whole family has been vilified to where there's no one or no thing left but the dog, who's been living for months under a silk-covered chaise somewhere….

  5. I like Christmas, I like the traditional decorating things the first lady does, and I like Melania. She's obviously just fed up with media hypocrisy, and rightfully so. (And if she's not into decorating Christmas trees, well, who f*cking cares?✌️)

  6. The lesson here I think is quality over quantity. Live your best life with people you love. The number of friends or expensive items don't matter. The love those around you is what matters whether it's Christmas, Hannukah or Festivus.

  7. Lets face it, half the crap the First Lady has to deal with is jealousy. She’s attractive even at her age, married to an actual man not a soy boy not to mention only of the richest people on the planet, she’s rich in her own right and she’s smart. The two generations of spinsters are jealous as hell.

  8. Melania Trump is the most beautiful, smartest and best First Lady in American history. The way she is treated is sickening.! Greg Chaney in coastal NC