The Men Who Own Everything.

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-The truth about Klaus Schwab’s youth

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  1. Calling those sorts of people Technocrats is like calling any random Confidence Scheme runners competent professionals. While some of them might call themselves that, they are really just borrowing the presumed authority of an abstract concept they do not even understand, as a way of gaining unearned credibility for themselves by borrowing the credibility of others.

    What real Technocrats want to do is replace modern political and economic systems with a social system of decentralized self-sustaining bottom-up hierarchies based around promoting the most competent and trustworthy among ones peers within any given field as a way of selecting the competent managers for ever larger components of the larger system;
    While what the New World Order Globalists want to do is continue dictating from on high, totally unchallenged and with absolute legal impunity, exactly as they have done since ancient times.

  2. I'm not the only one who believes Bill Hic.. I mean Alex Jones was allowed to film at the Cremation of Care right? Bc to me and my "conspiracy" mind, that man is he biggest shill on the planet. Pretty sure if ANY actual member of the public society snuck in there and filmed we would never hear from them again. That's one thing I have noticed about "truthers". The only ones speaking any REAL TRUTH AND FACTS end up dead. William Cooper and that Schneider guy are probably the main two people that I know of that actually was out here giving away 100% truth. The elite only allow us 75% and then the other is fabricated and just meant to make us pointlessly search and seem crazy.

  3. WEF is just one of many in the globalist network, so if you think you can destroy globalism by only destroying the WEF, you'd be very, very wrong. Its an almost fathomless rabbit holes with innumerable tunnels. But, we must start somewhere – start to eliminate them. They will not stop until they have complete control. The "easiest" way to stop them is to stop giving them your money and respect/acceptance. Vote with your dollar and try to not work for them, either.

  4. So happy when I saw a notification from your channel. I saved the video so I could watch when I could relax and enjoy. The Truth Factory was the perfect channel name. Happy New Year! I hope everyone enjoys a wonderful New Year filled with love 💕 laughter 😂 and many blessings 🙏 Cheers 🥂

  5. goat symbol is not satanic btw, it's a reference to the zodiac sign capricorn, I see people make this mistake often with baphomet, they think it's some kind of evil entity (mainly christians), but it's just a symbol for as above so below

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