The Military Industrial Complex and CNN Being Exposed

Taken from JRE #1639 w/Dave Smith:

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  1. US govt is doing something similar in India except that it's more subtle. US used Pakistan as a counter to India's rise for many decades. US also funds many non profit orgs that work against the local govt.

  2. These people talk so seriously asking why did Obama do Libya , why did Obama do Syria? Obama didnt do anything because Obama is neither the decision maker nor beneficiary of those wars. Both Libya and Syria campaigns reached their goals which was to destroy more or less independent thinking countires , steal their oil and flood europe with immigrants.

  3. It's not even just since 9/11 that this has been going on. The US has been in a state of near-constant conflict with various small nations around the world since at least the end of World War 2. You can debate all day long about the how's and why's of that situation, but what you can't debate is the fact of it being the case. They move somewhat systematically from one place to the next, usually under one of the common pretexts (potential threats or civil liberty/humanitarian), and that's just become the standard operating procedure.

  4. When it comes to the military industrial complex being redefined since WW2 y'all should also talk about 9/11, The Carlyle Group, The Patriot Act, Executive Order 11110 and the fact that 80% of leaders eliminated by America in the last 40 years wanted to create a currency that isn't backed by the USD and doesn't require interest paid for being printed. These leaders include Gaddafi, Lincoln, Saddam, etc.

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