The Minneapolis Riots of Peace

We’re well on our way towards #CivilWar 2: Electric Boogaloo. #Minneapolis is just the start; the next social media video that captures something like this happening, justified or not, will spark the same kind of outrage. The radical left are using these events as cover to play out their political fantasies.

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  1. 11:00ish – so years earlier, Chauvin and Floyd worked together as security in a nightclub… many nightclubs are mob owned!
    maybe this killing was a gang hitjob . wouldn't be the first cop who's tied to organized crime.
    "race" wouldn't have had anything to do with it -and sure as shit Chauvin could never admit his criminal connections.

  2. Destroy capitalism…….few moments later……why is there no food on the shelves, clean drinking water, medicine??? Are these people even capable of thinking???

  3. Why don't you ever talk about the RIDICULOUS AMOUNTS OF POLICE BRUTALITY that caused the protests in the first place AND CONTINUE AGAINST PEACEFUL PROTESTERS?

  4. Unfortunately you’re missing the point for black Americans who are not rioters or punks. Real people, black people who are just like you get abused by the police daily in the U.S. Your focusing on the looting and rioting by punks is missing the point and showing your lack of understanding and compassion. You a STILL need to be right. You are insulting the intelligence of millions of people.

  5. Yeah I do agree that looting doesn't help BLM cause and just worsens race relations, but i do wonder why you failed to mention all the times that protesters and the BLM cause have condemned the looting and called for peaceful protest? You know i would think someone who has been mischaracterized as endorsing white supremacy only because a few bad apples has troll in his name would understand that is unfair to group everyone together because of the actions of a few even as said actions have been repeatedly condemned.

  6. It's not actually murder though because the ultimate cause of death was not the knee on the neck.
    I'm not defending the thing in any way, I'm just saying that the evidence from the autopsy (or multiple autopsies) doesn't point to the cause of death being directly caused by the cop's actions, therefore Floyd's death was not the intent, therefore manslaughter is the appropriate charge.

  7. Marxism and a bit of Anarchist mixed in.
    Basically the gutter of the political spectrum. From what I can make out is the far left hate losing term after term.
    The funny thing is these riots will just make us more conservative and more capitalist. Thanks god ??. Can’t wait To see the outcome of the 2020 election.

  8. Take power from cops, watch them more closely, charge them exactly like civilians, reduce their number, and raise the minimum age requirement to join.

    Work toward putting independence back in the people, and such self reliance will negate the need for such an organization.

    However….if it's real purpose is to enforce (and protect) only the state's will, and to be a revenue arm for it….. well….

  9. Didn't we had Chemical Ali hung 8ft high years ago, that cat doesn't want to die or quiet spreading lies yet – but he got a new job a MSNBC after all…

  10. It's interesting how they're blaming one guy with an umbrella for starting it, but they don't acknowledge that there was already violence going on elsewhere.

    Furthermore, even if the police were covertly trying to encourage violence, they couldn't be responsible for even a tenth of the violence nationwide, let alone internationally. If you even think it was the police, why was it more likely to be them than an Antifa protester? Or even someone trying to implicate the police (given how it was being so clearly filmed)?.

    They immediately jump to the conclusion that the police are behind everything bad (on either) for no other reason than it suits their pre-existing beliefs.

  11. Bruh he was high on fentanyl, meth and cannabis, resisting arrest after driving to the store under the influence. Not defending the officer or justifying what happened, but you can't jump to conclusions about whether this was murder or not.

  12. All I expressed was that the violence was wrong to spread any message of police brutality and systemic racism.
    It destroyed the most friendships and caused me to receive more threats I've ever gotten for an opinon, in my life.
    The world is melting.

  13. I agree that some of the rioters are probably people that are too angry, and their are also people who are taking advantage of the situation. Those people are truly evil. But quite a few of these rioters are white supremacists, they destroy things and then when they are called out they dip back into the crowd. Both sides are doing horrible things during what are majorly peaceful protests across America. We should criticize the criminal acts, we should criticize corrupt police, we should criticize opportunistic pale young men who are trying to start a race war.

    I dont generally agree with you, and I wanted to hear what you had to say. Im glad you gave your honest opinion, thank you.

  14. I am amazed at how calm Mr. Akkad can stay. i hadn't seen Trump's second tweet til this video. MSM are fake news. Keep up the outstanding work!!! Leftists are useless idiots, to misquote Stalin.

  15. Almost anything you said about BLM riots in this vid applies to the Yellow Vest protest and you were totally ok with those, but I guess that was because they were against the "enemy" and now this time it's the far left rioting.
    You're a partisan hack!