The Moment When You Have To Face REALITY..


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  1. Lol love how democrats blaming the stimulus and Trump for the stimulus. We conservatives and libertarians wanted to be open we agreed the risk of covid weighs less than crippling economic woes. We warned it but now blame them for the stimulus

  2. The Jim Crow Joe administration created the worst inflation in 40 years. It started when the Alzheimer's Patient in Chief killed the Keystone XL pipeline and halted the sale of oil and gas leases. But don't be silly, undoing those actions (which caused gas to go up 50% before "Hurr durr
    Putin's inflation") wouldn't cause the price of gas to go back down.

    The Democrats have another brilliant plan in the works, that being to lower the cost of shipping goods from China. Trump believed that bringing manufacturing back to the US was a better strategy. As if not depending on a country that wants to destroy America and spread communism across the globe made sense.

    Just like how they need mass shootings to keep pushing their agenda of violating the constitution and putting an all out ban on firearms into effect. Why arm school security to actually keep kids safe? It's a lot easier to sell stupid people on the idea of "sensible gun legislation" when you're speaking to them from on top of a pile of dead kids' bodies.

  3. DEMOCRAPS= No, I can't get Trump out of my head, now my old world is gone for dead, we can't get Trump out of our head.

    Free rent available in Democrats heads!

  4. Didn't the White House bring a competent Press Secretary from the State Department in to "help her out"? So, why is John Pierre back still needing an abundance of "help"? Did the White House decide this was "good enough" and we shouldn't have such high expectations?

  5. Everything the democrats have done has been a textbook example of what we should never do. Maybe it’s not a conspiracy to destroy America. Maybe it’s all meant to destroy the party of slavery, Jim Crow, American Indian massacres, and insidious welfare policies that lock people in poverty. In other words, maybe it’s all just to get rid of the giant shit stain on American history once and for all. Who knows. Maybe the democrat party will get the justice it so sorely deserves.

  6. Rising prices are NOT inflation. They are the RESULT of inflation. Inflation is simply an INTENTIONAL increase in the M1 (cash) paper (or now electronic) money supply. THAT is ENTIRELY due to government action. Brandon did it!

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