The Moment You Realize You HAVE NO EVIDENCE


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  1. Sounds like another Russian collusion lie. They'll push this garbage as long as they can with the goal of it having an affect on the Congressional elections. And it probably will. And nothing will ever come of it when it's discovered that it was all fabricated. Just like the Russian collusion lie.

  2. That meme is perfect cause I swear Pelosi is a drunk too. She seems drunk everytime she talks. You can't answer questions yes or know when you have no clue what's going on.

  3. Isn't raskin the one that was sleeping with the Chinese spy and regardless it was a Democrat but what did he tell her. Thats a breach of security like the Clinton's and should all be in prison

  4. Trump offered 20,000 national guard for the 6th …Pelosi orchestrated the bad actors like over 20 FBI and 200 antifa anarchists and BLM MARXIST infiltrated to sabotage the peaceful protesters ! Antifa leader saying 'burn it all down' on video ! Coverup specialists of massive election fraud ! World witness this obvious COUP ! Trump landslide at midnight ! Tractor trailer of ballots trucked from NY corruption central across state lines disappears ? Happy birthday Trump !

  5. It’s time for the Democrat-media airwaves to be history. They are leeches on the American people, they are liars who openly support and defend the attempts to destroy America; they are probably themselves guilty of sedition. And many of them probably could be indicted now. Justice cannot come too soon for the evil ones in the media.

  6. There is no evidence, period. They just want to stay relevant. But I still haven't heard any evidence that they claim to have. It's all BS. Wait till November and all you a$$ wipes will be pissed.

  7. This is a circus hosted by the Democrat party, paid for by our tax dollars. Meanwhile, Americans are struggling financially, and mentally due to increasing inflation.
    Remember when Biden promised to be the party of helping the poor and tired?
    Instead, we have this bullshit.
    Great video. I enjoy your content.

  8. I want everyone to think about this for a minute, democrats, I’ll provide pictures drawn in crayon if you need them.
    The allegation is that, republican politicians asked Trump for pardons AFTER the Jan 6 protest.
    The entire claim is laughable on its face, just like everything else these crooks have claimed for the last 6 years.
    Maybe if the day comes that I lose it and smack some idiot democrat, I should go ask my next door neighbor for a pardon, because he’ll have the same authority to issue one that Trump had after Jan. 6th.
    Screw Biden, his administration, and the entire insurgency that is masquerading as the democrat party.

  9. Hey, Democrats, you haven't seen a real insurrection yet, but keep doubling down on ALL the progressive policies that are harming millions of average American citizens and you just might.

  10. What's coming is not going to be told until after the election in November and maybe not until January of next year they are going to end the election of the new senators and congressmen there going to declare Marshall law and say the election was fraud then they will say the constitution has been replaced and no more bill of rights because we are actually already in a civil war and they have already put themselves in power as kings of there little sections of the country it's coming soon just be awake and ready

  11. They have made so many claims with no evidence even while saying they have evidence (lying). The whole idea of Republicans asking for pardons is something the dems thought up themselves just like the Russia, Russia, Russia hoax.

  12. Alright you guys are gonna STOP slandering snakes im sick of it! I know so many sweet snakes. My friend has the nicest corn snake you will ever meet. And i know a very nice black rat snake also. Hell think about it even rattle snakes are nice! They could be like other deadly venomous snakes and not warn you just bite you. No Rattle snakes are like, SHake shake not the day to mess with me. shake shake im warning you… Shake shake Last chance to ack the heck off! Bites. See i warned you.

    Evidence right there snakes are 100x more sweet then these dems. Please stop slandering our scaley legless friends.

  13. I have proof just trust me, didn't we hear that when they failed to impeach Trump 2 times? Absolute evidence you will see, I'm still waiting to see it.

  14. Quality rant, mate. The Copenhagen Agreement is an interesting one: "no discrimination against political parties" – WELL, that agreement is certainly not being honored in Brandon's USA. How about Raskin squirming around the question of evidence, and how about the ridiculous reliance on the easily discredited pot shots of the angry fat man and book seller William Barr.

  15. If this is a trial doesn't the accused have the right of discovery; shown entered evidence that has been put in the record. This smells like Schiff's tactics. The only thing one needs to know that this is a sham by Nancy Pelosi and company is the fact she refused to empanel the the Republican's choices to be on the committee. She then hand-picked the RINO anti-Trumpers; Lynn Chaney and that other male one. Our government went downhill during the Clinton's presidency when they invited TV and film producers to help them put out their message in ways only the fairy-tellers from Hollywood could do, to an audience of low-information voters who vote for the Democrat ideology of "look, here's the latest thing to vote for; a black man; a black woman; an LGBTWRSTUVWXYZ…", and is continuing down at frightful speeds.

  16. Keep an eye on that blonde reporter at CNN. Her name is Dana Bash.
    Dana Bash looks like she's been red pilled. She torched AOC to her face recently when AOC refused to answer her question about Joe Biden running for re-election in 2024

  17. I expect that we will see that the only pardons requested were by elected officials FOR THEIR CONSTITUENTS ! I probably have the same kind of proof behind this statement as this rabid politician has behind his claims !

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