The Monstrous Goal of Critical Race Theory

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  1. I'm tired of race being an obsession that fixates on people from parts of Africa and the Caribbean. It's like a kid's board game, or chessboard: black vs white coloured bits of plastic. Only other hues are considered if they are useful to the political strategy or ideologically strengthening; the OTHER chips are just swiped surreptitious off the table with a crafty cough. What a suffocating load of nonsense, full of dishonesty, ignorance and arrogance.

  2. The 'argument' that all White people are psychopaths and sociopaths with no feelings of guilt towards acts done to black people makes no sense. If that was true, would he really want to anger an entire race of psycho's? Not a pleasant thought is it?

  3. My first language was Spanish, which means that my first language is based on binary. I am also a computer engineer, which means that my main mathematical language is binary. Don't think I have a place in the world they are building. 😒

  4. Meritocracy is based in equality and the antithesis of equity. You can't have a meritocracy without the idea that everyone gets the same shot. Equity by extension is the antithesis of equality.,

  5. If someone compares making 300 large working at a boarding school to being on a plantation, he/she should not be anywhere near young people. If that "teacher" is not on drugs he should be and if he is he should cut the dosage. 🤔🤯🤕

  6. These people are just utterly insane. Inadequate narcissists who are desperate to apportion blame. You never hear them complain that there are too many white men working as deep sea fish trawlers. Also getting an academic qualification from a higher education establishment doesn't make you a valuable human being. It now increasingly makes you dysfunctional.

  7. They literally just define the African blacks as the wrong sort of blacks as was done in a letter by a Black Student Union to the Dean of Admissions a couple years back so they can ignore the success rate of the immigrants.

  8. If your concern is a system based on the merits of fulfilling your potential. Then your issue is a personal and not systemic issue. If the system needs to conform to your needs for your success, then equality of opportunity is the last thing you are demanding. Victim mentality demands you never succeed or lose status.

  9. Hard working people can be given half a turd, and somehow use it as manure to grow silver from the ground, then they will apologize for not being able to grow gold.

    Parasites can be given half a turd, complain that the neighbor's grandfather once had a whole turd, and refuse to do anything until they have two turds in compensation.

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