The Moronic 3.5 Trillion Tax-and-Tax “Infrastructure” Bill is Languishing LOL

Manchin says it’s excessive, the leftoids say it’s barely big enough:


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  1. This is more like a child sex slave and human trafficking infrastructure bill!!! They're increasing their ability physically and "legally" traffic child sex slaves and involuntary organ donors to every country around the world. And that's also why communications and internet have already been discussed by Resident Biden and other top Democrat crime bosses as part of "infrastructure" in The New World Order. When you move millions of human trafficking victims all over the world, communications being up to the second accurate is vital! The Democrats (the richest billionaires on Earth) will keep lying to their retard cult followers about raising the taxes on the richest people (all Democrats) and making them "pay their fair share", but Democrats keep getting richer and more powerful every single time they say this and every single time they raise our taxes several trillion more dollars worth!!! One might start to think that ALL these new taxes go directly into the offshore bank accounts of Democrats or something . . .

  2. I’ve made these same arguments to libtards on Facebook to which I always receive the response: “that’s disinformation.” The level of cognitive dissonance is unreal with these people. Disinformation must be the hottest new comeback when these people are challenged.

  3. this is why everyone every comapny needs to stop paying fed taxes period
    they can write all the bs bills and try to print all the funny money they want
    w no actual tax revenue the fed will collapse

  4. Most people can't math…
    Hearing most people talk about taxes and investing is almost the same as my four year old telling me what he wants.
    Neither has a clue… They just have something they heard on television to recite.

  5. It ain’t over yet though. Let’s not count our chickens until we are sure. I hope all parties (socialists like AOC and realists like Manchin) maintain their intransigence. A stalemate would be a beautiful thing.

  6. i mean if it's this easy to just print money and it has actual value without anything backing it, why not print a few more and cancel the 28 trillion dollars of debt we have?
    is this even real life

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