The Most Secure Electi…WAIT A MINUTE!

Oh, so NOW we have a problem. Only when it happens to the one side and not when it happens to the other.

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Written by Memology 101


  1. The Democrats and Left at large do not, and have never, cared about the truth or justice. They care about power. Amassing power for their own personal interests.

  2. They're having trouble with ballots in New York. Now imagine that but with 300 million people living in different populated areas.

  3. It's almost like they think they can get away with it from here on now that they got away with it on the largest scale possible… HMMMMMM…

  4. Eric Adams, a black man and former police chief who wants to work on public safety for black and latinos who live in violent neighborhoods. He may be a Democrat, but this man seems alright. Why are the Democrats screeching again?

  5. Tell a leftist that america has done a lot of shady shit in the recent past to protect it's ows interests and they'll wholeheartedly agree with you.

    Tell them that america is ruled by people who have done a lot of shady shit in the recent past to protect their own interests and they'll call you a conspiracy theorist.

    Sometimes I wonder if I could put a carrot on a stick and get the people from the donkey party to pull me in a chariot around. You guys in the "U"SA could try it out.

  6. Dems have ALWAYS called for recounts & audits when elections don't go their way (i.e Bush vs Gore in 2000). But all hell suddenly breaks loose if a Rep does the exact same? ?‍♂️?‍♂️

  7. You should had seen the commercials the democrats were airing here in New York.
    they made absolutely no sense and the promoted these idea of " if your candidate doesn't get chosen, the second one you probably chose will be a candidate"??????
    what?? I could go on…
    And whats the sad part is.
    Everyone here is brainwashed.
    Living in BrainwashedCity

  8. Checking to see if a democracy is actually still a democracy is a threat to democracy?

    If there was nothing to hide, they could dab on the right by letting everything be checked and make us look like fools.

    I'm so spoiled by dystopian movies and the main character stumbling across a super well hidden secret that reveals the horrible truth…

    But we just have braindead children in charge who put no effort into lies and cover ups, completely relying on the idiocy of the unwashed masses and the faithfulness of the media to the left… so boring.