The MSM is completely shameless

The media is all to happy to take advantage of anything to push the agenda.

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  1. Why do the police want to buy this property so badly? It seem weird especially considering all of the points Graham has raised about how difficult the conditions are to even live in the area.

  2. I'll give my interpretation of this event. Keep in mind the sun represents the masculine aspect and the moon represents feminine aspect of consciousness. It is all my opinion and may or may not be 100 % accurate. With the green language, words that are sometimes spelled differently are phonetically (vibrationally) similar. Basically, they sound the same when spoken. So, the characters in this staged event always represent something in the occult (microcosm and macrocosm), basically your soul(micro) and the universe(macro) you live in. It plays out as a physical event but remember it is a symbolic occult ritual. They ALWAYS target the feminine aspect.

  3. What we most definitely know about the corrupt mainstream media after observing them all of our lives is that they lie , distract, deceive, demoralise and dehumanise people in order to divide us against each other. This I would argue makes the mainstream media evil and therefore the enemy of the people. The mainstream media also specialise in brainwashing, propaganda, Psyops, programming. This is what the corporate media does and does well.

  4. Address is 251 Wains Road, Wieambilla, Queensland, near Tara
    2+5+1 = 8 victims. 6 dead, 2 survive (the survivors are an important part I'll get to)
    Wains road = Wanes road (the moon waxes when it is "growing" and wanes when it is "dying") moon=feminine
    Wieambilla = I am bella (belle) is an attractive young girl.
    Queensland = Queen is a female.
    Tara = Ancient female goddess of compassion
    Here are a lot of feminine aspects in the address.
    Symbolically death is happening at the feminine.

  5. If you look at every story atm it is all against anti-vaxers. Obviously anti-vaxers are the new target as they are not able to be controlled like the vaccinated trans humans. This is obviously the build up to the UN's Marshall Law for next year.

  6. Why did the older brother in his video name names of the police, and also they kept mentioning to protect the children? It is very fishy. What about the guy who was with the neighbor sadly killed. He is completely silent, yet would have been a witness of some kind. The younger brother worked with disadvantaged, many of whom were Indigenous. He wanted to do good in the communtiy. I'm sure he heard and witnessed stories, until he had a massive heart attack. Could it have been caused by the V as one couldn't work without it? He didn't look bad or evil, nor did the woman but they could have been photos of when they were younger I guess. Alot left out conveniently except for MSM, Govt agendas.

  7. Matthew Arnold = Ma'at Annulled.
    Ma'at is an egyptian female goddess. Annulled means to announce something no longer exists. = Feminine is dead.
    Rachel McCrow = Ra and El Grow. In egypt, Ra is the Sun (Masculine) EL is a word for god = Masculine Grows.

  8. In the 70's the UK government "invested" millions of pounds to make sure the most disadvantaged people still had an electric j-w in their living rooms.
    There were very important reasons for making such an "investment".
    We will never know the truth of it and no doubt it will be used to push an agenda.

  9. Funny that they say that but a fair few years ago the police in nsw lost 2000 hand guns on the warfs, was very hush hush but believe it did happen so let's take the guns from the honest people that will fix the problem, idiots! whether that story is true or not with the 2000 guns but if true who has them now bet it's not the honest gun owners. Take a good hard look Australia do you really want this.

  10. Hey Graham missed you there for a while brother,the plot certainly is thickening up with this one ,many layers ,have a good Chrissy and lucky you got the garden full of goods ,and don’t have to play roulette with the ol’ thorn apple spinach 😅😅😅

  11. On reddit the propaganda is so over the top at the r/australia subreddit with this that it makes me physically sick. They not gonna let this crisis go to waste. This reminds me so much of Ruby Ridge, 1992: the day the American militia movement was born

  12. So in the eyes of the police, now Anti¥axers are as bad as preppers who are as bad as murderers. So Australia really is becoming an authoritarian dictatorship then if police are thinking like that.

  13. Thanks for this report. I missed the timing of the incident because I was in hospital and was trying to make sense after it all went down. I could not follow what I was hearing and was left with so many questions. Some of which you kindly filled me in on. However, it does not add up and I could not believe the words regarding anitvaxers etc. being spouted. It made me more suspicious. Sad that any lives were lost.

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