The Murderous History and Deceitful Function of the CIA – System Update with Glenn Greenwald

On this week’s episode of System Update, Glenn Greenwald talks to journalist Vincent Bevins about his newly launched book, The Jakarta Method. The book examines the series of mass murder programs engineered by the CIA with the purported goal of fighting communism during the Cold War, and how the consequences of these programs shape the global order — and U.S. politics — to this day.

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32:10 Interview with Vincent Bevins
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Written by The Intercept

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  1. Here's a truth. The FIRST "9/11" was 9/11/1973. The CIA was up to its usual shenenigans, this time in Chile. They weren't fans of their president, Salvadore Allende. They had already been thinking of instigating an overthrow of the government in 1970, but hadn't. So, when in 1973 they learned of a planned coup by the military, they decided not to try and stop it. And like everything else in government, Unless you make your intentions perfectly clear, the government just assumes that you are in agreement with the issue at hand instead of assuming you aren't. The CIA repeatedly said they weren't involved in the plot, but rather just knew about it and let it happen. Giving the "false impression" that they supported the new military dictator, Augusto Pinochet. HORSESHIT !! Shortly after the overthrow the previous leader, Salvadore Allende committed suicide. This left Chile in the hands of a military dictator for the next 15 years.

    The CIA literally does NOT give any fucks about any country, organisation, government or individual unless it is advantageous for them in doing so. They break the law and violate the constitution with reckless abandon. They consider themselves as answering to no one ever. And they will give you lip service just to get rid of you. If you become a thorn in their side, they will bring down the full force of the agency upon you, leaving you physically and mentally exhauted. They simply pretend things like the Bill of Rights do not exist. Therefore they have zero issues in violating anyone's civil rights. They aren't just secretive. They are full on paranoid. So lying, cheating, stealing, torture, performing medical experimentation without advised consent or having anyone's health in mind is just a normal day at the office for them. They are suppose to be our version of Mossad or Great Britain's MI6. Used to stay on top of, and one step farther, than all our enemies and allies alike. But turning that shit loose on American citizens is not something that would give them pause.

  2. Some people reckon that Kennedy was assassinated because he wanted to get rid or break up the CIA
    Iranians in 1953 elected a government that wanted to nationalise their oil. Along comes the USA along with the British and in the background other European countries and institutes a military takeover and imposed the Puppet Shah. They didnt want to loose out on those nice oil revenues. My Dad used to talk about it and get very heated. If he didnt have age related dementia he would be up in arms about this covid dictatorship. He would be at the conservative club giving the MP a what for and any other politician he could speak to and writing letters and sending them by registered post and writing to the local newspapers. No emails for him.

  3. Well it's the WEF billionaires and the UN etc that are running the show now.
    Why the F cant the USA UK and others (not the public) keep their noses out of other people countries. They always F everything up. As always follow the money

  4. i swear the reason why google keeps pushing this talk is to distract people from the great reset especially since greenwalds tone is so dismissive like yeah we did this shit duh it kinda deminishes it hopefully they are feeding this vid to new ppl and not me 300k times

  5. Glen my man who always brings the real news you're take on how the Democrats have used the McCarthy tactics is off. Where did those tactics come from? Hilliary and her ilk and they may call themselves Democrats but there has never been anyone more Republican than her or Bill. They took over the party and sold it to the corperations.

  6. Evey person on in civilization, civilization being the key word, cares about money. Difference between those in power and those that do not have power is; it's all human nature to be corrupt and to corrupt others to get their ways.

  7. That's what I always think about when the news say China is becoming the number one super power I think about the soviet Union and how they were better than America in technology and other things even in sports for decades and look how they ended up, I think same thing is going to happen to China, it will collapse after they fail to occupy US backed Taiwan.

  8. Glen, when you use the term white House, that can be misleading. Kennedy told heads of state like France's DeGaulle, that he wasn't in control of the CIA. This was during a coup attempt on DeGaulle which Kennedy offered to send in troops to avert an overthrow of France's gov. CIA ran coups/assassinations, often without ever asking the president.

  9. These people like Nadler use all the tactics used by the nazi regime in the 30s to stoke lies, fears, and create a false environment that brings about states in authoritarian belief systems, one side good, one side evil… same play as the Bush doctrine of you're with us , or against us, the molding of the public on falsehoods. If they achieve this one-sided controlled public can then move to extract from the public their sense of self, common sense and ability to think critically. Both the DNC & RNC corporate machines are using these same tactics which means behind the vail want the public in a controlled and obedient form when the financial collapse deepens to point that war is the only option for survival.

  10. 27:04 …When do you begin to talk about what the CIA was REALLY up to…??
    If you can take the "America is imperialist scum" blinders off a minute you can talk about AMERICA IS A SLEEPING MARXIST NATION, since you went to lengths to talk about brainwashing and propaganda in the first place!
    The CIA was working to overthrow regimes, albeit for the OSTENSIBLE purpose of "fighting Communism," in reality was doing TO ENFORCE the spread of Neo Marxism, which for the kids at home who are getting impatient with the adult talk means THE AMERICAN COMMUNISM!
    Which really just means mainstream Marxism, not that you would know it because American Marxists that have been running the CIA since…forever, basically…have never allowed you to see America as a sleeping Marxist state!
    If we don't see America as a sleeping Marxist state (believe me, we collectively DON'T see it that reality!) it's because 1) yes, propaganda, 2) Marxist control on talking points, especially since they own the education system and media, and so consequently 3) public opinion.
    OF COURSE no one sees America as a sleeping Marxist state!
    Why would they when public opinion is literally shaped by media, social media included?!

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