The Mysterious Food Processing Plant Fires

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  1. As a professional firefighter we never thought food processing plants would catch fire. We would talk about oil refineries catching fire but never did I ever hear anyone talk about a food print plant catching fire.

  2. Yara are one of the biggest producers of fertilizer. Yesterday while on the WEF future young leaders section, up popped a young swinging dick, high flying at Yara…joining the dots yet?

  3. If it has increased since the start of the lockdowns, I'd guess they weren't maintained properly while shut down, or they messed up while restarting them. If any of it is intentional, well, arson seems to have replaced marching with signs as the standard way to "protest" something for half of the country.

  4. "You will own nothing… and be happy"
    First step… break the economy forcing everyone to lose everything.
    Second step… globalists claim everything for themself.

  5. Lotus Eaters — I'm soundly and firmly a supporter and behind your trajectory and intent. Please keep doing what you do. However, "mysterious food processing plant fires" feels like a crazy stretch. Fires in facilities with hundreds to 1,000's of human employees — all TENDING GIANT FIRES IN GIANT MACHINERY THAT SETS THINGS ON FIRE? I'd suggest Occam's razor here. 😉

    And our current control cartels of this construct — whether centuries-old blue-blood dynasties, WEF, 'Illuminati,' Hydra, invisible extra-dimensional DMT-elf source coders — do not want the little people to starve . VIP's stop being "Very important" when they've got no "people" left in servitude as the cogs and gears of their machines and various pyramids. No one who knows the slightest bit about "Covert Manipulation of Mankind 101" seeks to eliminate food sources for the serfs providing labor and capital. Cheers.

  6. Ln average, how many food processing plants were TOTALLY burned down per year before 2019? That's important to know. The fact that these plant fires were not slowed by fire suppression systems before the fire department could arrive to extinguish them is the most sus part.

  7. Citizens: "What is the FBI and CIA doing regarding these food processing plant fires??"
    FBI: "We can't be bothered with food processing plant fires… we're hot on the trail of a diary belonging to the presidents daughter!"
    CIA: "The food processing plant fires… we're helping organize these attacks with help from the globalists. Remember 'you will own nothing and be happy'.

  8. The fool in charge is following the script. You have to tell them what you're doing so you can claim you warned them later. Plausable deniability is a real thing. They ALL will become food for the monster they nurtured.

  9. They’re obviously trying to force ze bugs on people. Why do you think so many celebrities have their own ranches. Veganism is also promoted for their end goal, a stupid, weak, docile person who’s just smart enough to push the buttons but not virile or intelligent enough to question or actually do something about it.

  10. All of these shortages are reasons to not be globalist. All it takes is one thing to fail and you have massive problems getting a lot of people what they need. I'm really noticing the lack of redundancy these guys have in case their ideas fail.

  11. My take is that it's not WEF. It's Chyna. Kungflu-town knows they're about to hit a similar crisis and can't afford to give America the chance recover at a greater rate than them if they wish to supercede them as superpower. No meat and no fertilizer for plants means Venezuela style food shortages, the kind that take years, if not decades, to recover from.

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