The Mysterious Jan 6th Deaths

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  1. The thing about the Jan 6th timeline is that what the MSM was showing and using as proof isn't what those of us watching multiple livestreams as it happened, with people on the ground all over the city that day.

  2. JAN 6
    It was more of an illegal demonstration (with agitators trying to make it worse), not an insurrection. But of course, to distract from various violations & strange irregularities that occurred during the MMXX election, they have to create a media storm and a sham show-trial to make their opponents' actions appear worse then their own actions.

  3. Why don't people remember that two women were killed on Jan 6, the other was Rosanne Boyland, bludgeoned to death by a black, female Police Officer on the steps at the West Entrance? Two men who suffered heart attacks were both struck in the chest with projectiles fired into crowd by police.

  4. Guys, these shows just keep getting better and better – as you say, the work done on this is outstanding.
    It's obvious to anybody who cares to look at the actual events, what happened on Jan 6th was not an insurrection, just another establishment set up.

  5. This whole endeavour is the new JFK conspiracy for our age. People will be discussing and picking it apart for decades to come yet the official story will NEVER change.

  6. I would love to instate a law. Something along the lines of: "If the circumstances behind a death appear to be politically expedient, then an investigation is required by a neutral third party to determine whether foul play is involved." Even if it turns out to be a legitimate suicide, it should still be investigated.

  7. You guys are usually really good with your reporting and fact checking, and aren't exactly wrong here, but do have the death of Officer Sicknick (if that's the right last name. I feel like I have it misspelled or something.) mistaken here.
    He didn't die from complications of bear spray. He didn't even die that day. He died a day or 2 later due to a stroke.

  8. Mysterious deaths around Jan 6…
    Mysterious cases of food distribution centers burning down…
    Mysterious cases of gas explosions and fires in the U.K…
    There`s a pattern for everything…should you choose to look for it and find it…

  9. Brian Sicknick died of two major strokes and the medical examiner who performed his autopsy stated that there was no evidence whatsoever that his death was anything other than natural causes. Both the fire extinguisher theory and the pepper spray allergy were completely unsupported theories published by news sources with anonymous sources.

    The fact that two people who have every motivation to get the facts of January 6th correct are still, over a year later, reporting corporate media propaganda is just more evidence of how powerful that propaganda is.

  10. This Schmoe Brandon SHAMINISTRATION, which truly is a Puppet Show, orchestrated by unseen hands, simply is trying to destroy the US under the guise of the Good in Democracy for the country.
    Why are we subsisting within an economy and national security totally opposite from the Trump Administration achievements?
    This joke of a Leftist, Socialist/Communist, DemocRAT CABAL hates that President Trump stopped and eliminated many of their GRIFTING, POCKET LINING Deals which were fattening their bank accounts.
    The COMMI DC CROOKS hate Donald Trump so intensely that they are willing to destroy the country, as long as he does not return to office to continue to Make America Great Again and diminish their greedy returns.
    For all we know, they even may be drugging Schmoe Brandon to make him look more of a Dementia, Alzheimer’s ridden catastrophe.
    Who knows how desperate the COMMI CABAL is, but they continue to surpass their extreme measures on a weekly basis.
    IN GOD WE TRUST that the PATRIOTS among us, especially those within our nation’s government who can do so, will expeditiously
    Intervene and save our country!!!
    America is watching.
    America is taking notes.
    America will NEVER forget!!!

  11. You guys are being shadow banned here in the US big time. Surely you realize it looking at your analytics just a fan who wants to let you know it is hard to find your content unless you look for it direct. Which I do of course. Kudos as usual.

  12. The US government kills who they please & lie with ease. The media backs them all the way. This has reached a new level with the democrats regarding the 6th.

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