The Myth Of Breonna Taylor

In this video I discuss the myths surrounding Breonna Taylor & I explain what actually happened, before giving my thoughts on the charges.
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  1. Sometimes amazinglucas would give a different and nuanced angle
    … but the last straw was when he said he 100% believed President Trump made the comments about the soldiers – while wearing a 'believe facts and evidence t-shirt ?‍♂️

  2. "My team set out to investigate the circumstances surrounding Ms. Taylor's death. We did it with a singular goal in mind: pursuing the truth […] My role, as special prosecutor in this case, is to set aside everything in pursuit of the truth […] If we simply act on emotion or outrage, there is no justice. Mob justice is not justice. Justice sought by violence is not justice. It just becomes revenge."

    I literally cried when I heard this. It's a god damned shame that people like this are so rare.

  3. When I search to bring your videos back up, they are impossible to find unless I specifically search for the exact title AND your channel name in full together. Even if I'm subscribed and its a video in my history. If I don't use those exact search terms, I get 40,000 other shit videos from trev NOAH, CNN, WaPo. You can't tell me Youtube doesn't censor the shit out of facts and conservatives… Anyways, Keep up the good work! ?

  4. Okay, myth debunked…if you really are a libertarian you might want to add a disclaimer about the uselessness of the drug war and no knock raids themselves

  5. @Actual Justice Warrior – Quick question regarding Kenneth Walker not hearing the police announce themselves…how do they know he's telling the truth? I'm not saying he's lying, I'm just curious. The reason I ask is because I watch a lot of full criminal trials on YouTube and I've seen one where the police conducted a search warrant on a house and it was very similar to the Breonna Taylor case. The man (in his early 20's) claims he didn't hear the police announce themselves and he opened fire when they entered his apartment because he thought someone was trying to rob him. One officer was killed during that search warrant and the suspect was arrested & charged with 1st degree murder. Later at trial, he was found guilty and was sentenced to death for killing the officer.

    It seems like that would be the ONLY logical defense that anyone could possibly use after being arrested in that type of situation, "Oh, I didn't know it was the cops. I thought someone was trying to rob me." In one case, the suspect was charged, convicted & sentenced to death…and in another case, all charges were dropped. So, how do you think they determine if he's being truthful or not?

  6. – Let me specify: there are some people that criticize the officers for knocking even if they had a "no knock warrant" and they didn't need to announce themselves. Knocking they give the alleged felon time to prepare: grab a weapon, serach cover, flee the scene…
    – Those critics are legit (to me) but don't take into account the situation in black neighborhoods. Despite BLM lies, black follks respect the police and most of them cooperate. Unfortunately they are also used to bad people breking into their homes unannounced. (Kenny Walker feared the retribution of a bunch of drug dealers). That's why the policemen did the right thing.
    – I think that they yelled and knocked at the same time… (it happens to me). Then they did what they had to do… remember that they were doing a drug bust, in their minds.

  7. Several problems here. Not with facts, but with the framing.

    The lead detective did apply for no knock warrant, it was later changed to knock and announce. This is definately worth mentioning.

    The lead detective lied on the paperwork to get the warrant, citing the postal investigation as a reason, postal investigation found no suspicious packages. The other evidence presented should have been enough to secure another type of warrant necessary to search the premises, why the need to serve the warrant @ 1240am?

    Legality vs morality, seems to be the big divide here. Was it legal,probably (fbi still investigating the application for the warrant). Was it moral the way it was carried out?

    Guy freaks out thinks people are breaking into house , fires 1 round.

    Trained police officers serving a warrant @ 1240Am , freak out and fire 30+ rounds according to fbi forensic report. Cop who was shot fired 6 rounds, 2nd cop covering the shot cop fired 16, so he dumped the mag, third cop fired 10 (blindly).

    What training, what tactics, they had been investigating her for months knew her schedule, knew they put other neighbors at risk be going in at that hour, and did it anyway.

    Obviously this already has affected policy at the dept, but lying to secure a warrant needs much stiffer penalties, like jail time.

    None of this had to happen.

  8. This case really solidified how absurd the myth of police shooting black people 'just because' and I can no longer entertain the slightest possibility of racially motivated police killings.

  9. I had to unsub to Amazing Lucas a while back. It started becoming patently clear that he was making videos off of what he had seen or heard on Twitter and Facebook. And not actually looking up and fact checking the information.

  10. One time I had two attempted burglars proned out on the ground. I was calling for my friend and neighbor's help. Right outside his window. Nothing. I called for the upstairs neighbor nothing. Apartments are weird that you can often hear every annoying noise or nothing ?

  11. Whether they announced themselves or not is irrelevant, if the target of that announcement cannot hear them. It defeats the purpose of the announcement. Whether or not they knocked, they were serving the warrant at an unreasonable hour, after midnight, in a castle-doctrine state. That isn't asking for injury, it is demanding it.