The Narrative Is Collapsing

Does the term ‘fully vaccinated’ need to be redefined and is it time for governments and the CDC to recognise natural immunity?
#Vaccine #Covid #Pandemic


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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. This was for big pharma money 💰 that’s it lol this is all about money not arecsafety everything is done on not if lives our lost how much money they can make so when u realize that and know it this is not surprising

  2. Well done Russ. I haven't and won't have a vaccine for Covis19; anything else YES, Covid NO. The virus and cure are as damaging IN MY HONEST PERSONAL OPINION. I wanted natural immunity and having recently had quite a knockout time with Covid I hope now I do have it.

  3. This is the most balanced conversation I’ve heard about vaccines and natural immunity. Can we just put Russel forth as head of the CDC. And also, I love that at heart he is a peacemaker. We can and should live with our differences.

  4. Redefining immunity is a straw man. The burden of protecting the individual ultimately lies with the individual. If your jab OR your immune system isn’t protecting you to your own level of comfort, then it is incumbent upon YOU to exclude yourself from society. You do not have the privilege to demand society remove itself from you.

    I’m pretty sure this pandemic was THE first in history to quarantine the healthy.

  5. Just another transfer of weath from the public to private industry.
    One of many scams being run simultaneously to entrench the existing elites and protect their powerbase while simultaneously providing means of behavioural control further enhancing their influence.

  6. There's an ongoing worldwide moral bankrupcy which has been fueling horrors and ruin for far too long.
    It may collapse under it's own weight. The questions are when will that happen and if we'll survive to see it.

  7. Profiting from drugs, profiting from oil and gas now it's weapons for war all by promoting fake News. The people of America must be living it up business is booming.

  8. I am triple vaxed. I did this long ago so I could travel to Europe to see my girlfriend. I was a good boy and followed all of their directives. What's the point of resisting? They have all of the power. They still don't want me to travel, Level 4 advisory and all of that. To this day big red warning labels display when I try to book. As if I am still in serious mortal danger or that I may still be a mutant virus spreader. They let me go once. Tested before and after. But now State Department directives say the risk is just too great. The absurdity of it all.

  9. Sadly the CDC is a wholly owned subsidiary of big pharma through their licensing and accreditation system. The CDC will never publish any information on natural immunity being more effective than the billions of dollars of profit making vaccines swindle. Thanks Russell for opening people's eyes and minds to the widespread propaganda that passes for news.

  10. What is extremely unsatisfying is the lens of Clarity one receives after enlightenment, In the ages past when Being wrong or thought of as a know it all that couldn't back up the words with acts/facts, then they aren't worth the grain they are feeding them. Because after 2 years of having every other post I had with different things that can/could help a person with the flu….. I was sick as heck in February that the covid was not really in thoughts yet. But all our FB post removed by FACT checkers that did not try to give value to the facts demeaning posts long should have they're entering in it

  11. So does it hurt to also take a booster , why are you focussing on this , my suspicion is you are still on this conspiracy angle. You are in danger of mixing up the immune wth those that believe they are. Those that have been crowding our hospitals are those thinking they have natural immunity without having COVID previously. Why are so many doctors and scientist even those that would be advising governments to save money by minimising the number of doses advising this. Why are genuine health workers furious with the unvaccinated wasting hospital beds. Yes follow the science but there are a ridiculous number of conspiracies encouraging stupid approaches. I will not be tolerant of people who chose to not vaccinate and then filled hospitals and infected others their ignorance affected others. You pretending to be unbiased then ignoring that science already does incorporate natural immunity in its analysis but focus on one side of the argument. I thought you were better than this but your conspiracists anti science nature oozes through this, betraying a bias that encourages belief in a lack of balanced thinking. You want to give an unbiased balanced view you say, then proceed to repeat numerous times a complete prejudice towards the conspiracy of science. I don't believe it is perfect but I hate this trend towards all science being untrustworthy until you end up with a society of crystal hugging flat earthers who will believe any shit except proper science. Skepticism is good but belief that loses the faculty to understand truth is worryingly where I think you are drifting.

  12. Is there any hope for us or is this great reset a done deal? Finding it incredibly difficult to exist right now with the knowledge of what they have planned for us. I need some good news 🙁

  13. "Doesn't that show you how irresponsible corporate media and the government have been"… you're a hypocrite. Dont say this isn't opinionated and then give your opinion lol. Be honest mate, you're not neutral at all, it's why you gotta keep reminding yourself every 2 seconds

  14. Can you talk about how it looks like Putin is targeting all the us funded bio labs in Ukraine. Not to be insensitive to what the Ukrainian people are dealing with but perhaps this is a contributing factor in why Russia has decided to attack.

  15. From day one I said I will rely on my God-given natural immunity which has served me and my ancestors well for thousands of years. Secondly, I will wait until the clinical trials are completed in 2023 to make an informed decision on these vaccines. Thirdly the companies supplying the vaccines have criminal records. Fourthly none of the UK Health Secretaries were medically trained but former bankers. Fifthly, my GP told me not to take AZ under any circumstances. Sixthly, Matt Hancock said I had to behave as if I had the disease even when I'm perfectly healthy!!!! Seventhly, I was being told that its perfectly ok to have an invasive medical procedure at Thorpe Park by non-medical volunteers!! Eighthly, the data didnt add up. Ninethly why will none of the big pharma accept liability for injuries? Tenthly no pre-treatment packs were provided such as vit D, C and other re-purposed medicines. We should all question any invasive medical procedure before putting it into our and our children's bodies.

  16. Russell,
    Judicial Watch announced that the Delaware Supreme Court ruled yesterday that the University of Delaware must provide more information justifying its decision to keep secret its deal to house and restrict access to the U.S. Senate records of President Joe Biden. The Delaware Supreme Court reversed the Delaware Superior Court and found that the University of Delaware had not carried its burden justifying its refusal to produce records. The case returns to the Delaware Superior Court for further proceedings.

  17. Russel, please discuss the latest data released by the pharmaceutical company beginning with the letter P. Very interested to hear your take on the 9 pages of adverse reactions.
    As for the 1 shot recommendation, that’s what I suspect all makers of the shots will be moving towards.

  18. They literally changed the definition of herd immunity to not include natural immunity and then persuaded the MSM heads that it was 'dangerous' and brandished established virologists who spoke on it as spreading 'dangerous misinformation'. If that isn't conspiracy, by neutral definition, I don't know what is!

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