The Narrative That This War Was “Unprovoked” Prevents Peace

The moronic narrative that the invasion of Ukraine was “unprovoked” poses a massive obstacle to peace, because if Putin is just attacking and invading countries solely because he’s crazy and evil it means detente is impossible and he won’t stop until he’s decisively crushed. If it’s accepted that the US empire has played no role in provoking Putin’s actions, that means there’s nothing the empire could do to make continued Russian aggression less likely apart from regime change, or at least severely crippling and punishing Russia militarily.

Reading by Tim Foley.

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Written by Caitlin Johnstone


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  1. NATO: You want to actually join us ? That would mean we would have to actually send troops and then Russia could possibly attack our cities with Missiles or Nukes ?? NO! Sorry but keep fighting we are with you . 😄😁

  2. Wait a minute. Russia DO have a semi 'no first use' policy for nuclear weapons. They have stated many times that they won't use nukes first – unless their existential integrity are threatened. That integrity are slightly threatened now bco the referendums changing loyalty to Russia, but that doesn't mean that Russia will launch nukes first.

  3. I dont believe there is a quote made by Putin saying he would use nukes in this conflict with Ukraine.
    There is quote from the newly elected UK premier, Truss, who said “i am not afraid of using nuclear weapons”
    (Even though in her younger years she was an active protester against nuclear weapons.

  4. Sometimes not acting with violence is morally irresponsible…Apathy has lead to the murder of hundreds of millions since I've been sucking air, most killed by the empire…The people of the Donbass were facing an ethnic cleansing campaign..In 2014, they begged Putin to let them join Russia, Putin said no, and tried a diplomatic solution which lead to the Minsk agreements..And Ukraine went on to bomb the citizens of the Donbass for 8 years..What you never hear in the media is that Ukraine assembled a giant force on the perimeter of the Donbass, when Russia stepped in..That is justifiable, morally responsible violence…Those peoples lives mattered to no one, and I have no doubt they would have been slaughtered, raped, tortured by literal Nazi's…Russia had other motives to, to stop the west from surrounding it, regime change, breaking it into pieces and stealing it's resources…We can't stop the inevitable future we've enabled, but I'm for stopping horrific acts on innocent people while we are still here…Some people believe that we can stop nuclear annihilation, climate catastrophe, the mass extinction event, economic apocalypse, by using their voices and by waking the masses, I'm not one of those people..I think I have a good enough understanding of science and history to understand we are a collapsing civilization..The damage we've done to natural earth systems combined with the momentum and destructive nature of civilization, and the destruction of the biosphere create a near future reality of cascading collapse..All the great intentions in the world won't allow you to barter, bargain or negotiate with the laws of thermodynamics, the laws of nature or the laws that govern complex systems…All people die, all civilizations die, it's OK to recognize the process we find ourselves living in…The longer this civilization lives, the less likely any kind of recovery will be possible..It's just the cold hard truth…Civilizations don't wake up and start making good decisions on their way down the bell curve to annihilation, in fact the opposite is true, they double down and ensure their demise..Every collapsing civilization to ever exist..And ours is the pinnacle of this cycle, no civilization in human history has ensured their demise from every possible angle, like ours…But hey, give em hell…

  5. So disturbingly sad mankind has to weaponize everything assuring his own inevitable demise.
    With our wondrous gifts of imagination and ingenuity, we choose to murder one another, control one another, and enslave one another.
    Did I say disturbing?
    I meant disgusting.

  6. Unprovoked my ass … this has been started gradually since the '90's.
    BTW those persons from the right and the left, you've should been replace with their flags … because they both are just socks puppets.

  7. You're right! It isn't me. Or is it?
    Sartre said that what might comfort a dying egomaniac the most would be knowing that everyone else was dying along with him/her at the same time?

  8. As the one of those who is under russian attack, without watching this video, judging only by description. Shut your mouth up! Only reason of this war it that legalized criminals and mobs of 90x in kremlin just don't want to lose their wealth and powers. It's not some controversy, it's just that simple and dumb! Provoked, unprovoked…. damn, that war was planned from 2014. But we will stand against those narcissistic, racist, chauvinistic homophobes with no liberties, cuz we were there, and NEVER will return to those atrocities, even if we all (Ukrainians) gonna die. You obsessed with those "evil US empire" controversies without even imagining what barbaric evil is russia. And ok, maybe both sides are bad. But one is killing us, another giving us weapons so we can stand for our freedom. One has liberties, the other lack of basic freedom of speech. 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

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