The Nasty Reactions to Joe Rogan’s COVID Diagnosis (THE SAAD TRUTH_ 1287)

Note: At the 1:13 mark, I should have said “horse dewormer” rather than “horse tranquilizer.”
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Written by Gad Saad


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  1. People have been getting uglier and uglier since 2016. It's been proven that anything that can divide us, will divide. Sex, politics, Covid bullshit. Religion used to be the only thing people got this up in arms over. Now the most insignificant thing can cause people to wish death on one another. Really really sad.

  2. Well vaccine passport will not be a final restriction in society. If you have to get covid vaccine to be able to function in society, you will need many more passports just to breath. Passport for travelling out of your city for example. Please don't laugh. It can happen very soon as we go in this direction. Time to fight for freedom.

  3. Dr. Saad would you make a video explaining your reasoning/motivation for participating in the vaccine passport system? Many of your listeners are disappointed to learn that you approve of these frightening authoritarian measures being implemented on a nationwide, and potentially global, scale. Do you really think it is reasonable that the government should be allowed to fundamental alter the way we work, travel, do business and enjoy our leisure time on account of a virus that has killed less than 0.1% of the population? Can you explain how this is justified?

  4. I was so happy to see that the captions on YouTube changed Gad to Scott. I am a Scott, and I'm a proud Scott-supremecist at that. All Gads should be sad…. or Saad? Now I'm just confused. I just hope to get away Scott-free. Oh fuck….

  5. The thing I don't understand is that if you have had the vaccine you can still get covid, spread it and even possibly die. Why discriminate against the unvaccinated? If you have the jab then you are protected, aren't you? What does it matter if others aren't Vaccinated? Makes no sense

  6. …"of course we should follow the science nobody's questioning that…"

    This is where i disagree and that you are wrong. Your buddy Joe Rogan did not follow the science by taking said horse de-wormer despite science saying not to take it to treat Covid-19. As of this moment, only 51% of the US is fully vaccinated. excluding the other half that cannot take the vaccine for health reasons, Most of them refuse it because of non-scientific reasons IE: My individual freedoms, Religious BS.

    The reason some people are "cold" as you say, In past epidemics AND pandemics, while there were some groups who refused vaccination, the facts they are spreading misinformation about health and safety. THE FACT the US is #1 in total cases, following India with a population that dwarfs the US and then brazil, shows contrary to your statement.

    What's being exhibited is people being fed up by these anti-vaxers/anti-maskers continually spreading misinformation that is demonstrably harmful, and pointing out how wrong they are. Covid-19 isn't harmless when you defend these people and say "nobody's questioning" is dishonest.

  7. The left does not view any opposing position as legitimate, insightful, or fair. If you disagree you are seen as evil or an absolute moron. This is very dangerous because they are dehumanizing people they disagree with.

  8. Thank you for your word Gad. This pandemic is revealing how irrational and hateful people can be. I hope we will return to a more harmonious way.

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