The New Call of Duty Game Mainstreams Yuri Bezmenov

Promoting the message of KGB defector and staunch anti-communist Yuri Bezmenov in a #CallofDuty game is a pleasant surprise in 2020. It does seem that the US has been subject to ideological subversion, and so the more normalised this message is, the better.

Yuri’s lecture:

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  1. 1960's Marxist professors educating the younger generation and on and then we get to what we have today. Middle class brainwashed students who hate their country and feel they have to fight a cause, whatever it is, however pointless. He's so spot on.

  2. Kinda funny that comes from Gamespot, 1 of the least trusted gaming mags, plus if you havent seen it, the leaked bits look like a really bad game. But hey Activision.

  3. Ever wondered if the Russians are actually playing the likes of you Akkad? They saw how consumerism and corporations would destroy America and sent Yuri over to make sure if someone like Sanders ran for election they wouldn't stand a chance. Why would the Russians let him reveal a plan like this without an assisination attempt? Its human nature to care for your neighbours not socialism or communism. Yet here America is, everyone dumbed down and fighting each other. Seems like a good plan that is working if the end goal was the destabilisation of America.

  4. I hate both sides right now. I'm gay so the right does not like me that much (Hell me and my lover cant get married in Texas). We don't shove it in peoples faces. Just want to be treated with respected and dignity like any other person. We have been fired from jobs and kicked out of restaurants just for hand holding. Same goes for trans people. Hell a guy that killed a trans person over in Dallas a few years ago didnt face any charges. From the investigation description the guy was the aggressor and the trans person wanted nothing to do with him. Yet he faced no charges. If the right can go back and tone down the religious beliefs I would go for them. And Democrats… well I don't have to really explain there. We all need to compromise and find middle ground.

  5. Took Humanities classes in college in the late 70s. The move was to break away from United States being a "Melting Pot" to describe our diverse population to that of a "Salad". So instead of melding groups to make up US, we were to retain group identity and recognize other groups as equal residents in the Bowl that was United States. Use this as one of the early dates for breaking US up. The democrats plan to be the tanks rolling in to save the day.

  6. Sargon, you've missed a step. Yes there is a foreign power acting from the outside, supporting and exploiting these movements. It is the United Nations. Western media barely talks about the United Nations, but it was 'woke' 30 years ago.

  7. "There's nothing in the US constitution about equality"
    You should really get a reviewer, I get that you're referring to monetary or political equality but you should be more specific, equality under the law and equality by way of human rights is defended by the US constitution.

  8. The end goal of the subversion process? It gives the subverter either 1. a chance to outright conquer the fucked up nation that can't resist an invasion, or 2. makes it easy for the subverter to dominate that country through diplomacy, as they will have become spineless. Either way, the subverter achieves the position of dominance over the subverted.

  9. I was born and raised in a communist/socialist (both are the same sh*t) country/regime for 19 years.
    Unless you are a complete lunatic or a masochist, stay the f*ck away from it as far as you can.
    Greets across the pond.

  10. When a useful idiot (anti government activist) is no longer useful and finds out the new order, he's still an idiot/anti-government activist…..but in an authoritarian communist state…… where enemy snowflakes get melted.

  11. No surprise there the American schools and universities are full of KGB sleeper agents posing as teachers and professors. Slowly but surely corrupting the mind of the american youth to hate and rebel against their own nation.