The new conversion therapy (this is happening to kids and it’s bad)

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Written by Sydney Watson


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  1. I am so grateful that I grew up in the 80s and 90s. If I was a kid growing up now, I'd be convinced that I was non-binary or some other bull shit because I enjoyed playing in the dirt and I like toy trucks. God forbid a girl plays with those things nowadays, she gets her breasts cut off as a teenager and it's considered "healthcare."

  2. Yes, you are right. It's kinda boring your obsession with this trans, gay, etc. topic. It's nice that you look concerned for kids (even though you don't have any) or you just don't have anything else to say to remain remotely interesting but when we shall hear from you about the school shootings? That kids doesn't interest you? Or you are just afraid from this subject as a right wing sponsored person? "Here in Texas" so what about the shooting there in Texas? Or anywhere? I would like so much to hear your opinion on this issue at least once! And I remember the t-shirts with guns in your merchandise and your attitude supporting that right wing "hero" kid who travelled to make order (kill!) with guns. 🙂 But I'm really curious that deep inside you you think these killings are OK? Waiting for your monologue on this issue.

  3. 10:19 of course religious texts from all that time ago don’t specify sex change stuff as a sin…cos back then such surgeries and notions DIDNT EXIST

    If the author of religious texts were to be brought forward in time to see this modern world, and then sent back, you’d be damn sure there’d be a sudden little addition…

  4. You noticed that first story it is raised by the mother apparently alone even though at one point you said they.
    Another home with a passive father in it because men don't want to be men and fathers anymore though they aren't even allowed to be a lot of the time.
    Just deferred to the wife for everything and don't discipline your kid no structure.

    I mean at 3 years old she already thinks she's gay even though he doesn't have any sex drive yet.
    There's nothing that could possibly identify him as gay.
    Kids just copy everything around them at that point. But oh no he what do you mean acted like a girl what made him act like a girl?
    And don't tell me you like to wear dresses because there would be no way for 3 to 5 year olds to get dresses unless she bought them for him.
    If he goes by a girl's clothing Island store so I don't know why he would unless she's bringing him by them and he says I like that can you say too bad.
    You don't say oh well he likes a girl's dress so I guess he must be gay.

    Sigh…. It's a fallen country and we are going to be the next Rome.

  5. Sydney, the only reason i even saw some of those video's is thanks to you and your gondola to hell xD
    It is thanks to those snippets that you showed that i am glad i never got into the whole tiktok stuff.

  6. I am so glad that this problem is mainly in English speaking countries like the US and Australia. – There must be some advantage to living in Europe. 🤷‍♂️ We may not have guns, but we have common sense. – Such programmes would really get a bashing here …

  7. My son plays with his sister's toys often. It's called being a kid. Then again, I'm not some lunatic looking to use my child to score "woke" points by forcing them into alphabet categories or unnecessary surgery.

  8. My son plays with his sister's toys often. It's called being a kid. Then again, I'm not some lunatic looking to use my child to score "woke" points by forcing them into alphabet categories or unnecessary surgery.

  9. Its ridiculous studies shows that at a certain age young boy will imitate and want to wear their mothers cloths and behaviours it has nothing to do with gender identities but rather a fixation on their dear loved mother and the same things happen to girl where they wanna immitate their dear dad so wake up simple minded ppls if your kid grow up to be a transgender just let it come naturally otherwise your just messing up your kid at that age they dont know what they want in life or what gender their gonna like in the futur. They are discovering themselves until 20 YO so pls give it a rest and support your children they deserve it more then your fuck up twisted agenda for them.

  10. It's nice to see the comments here are respectful. This is the way it should be, regardless of your opinion. I don't have any answers to any of this, but this is a good community.

  11. trans didnt exist really years ago. and now its become popularized through media, through doctors, through 'supporting parents' having conversations with children that prolly dont even understand whats being said beyond tones indicating what the parents preference is. phycology has always been an agrument for nature vs nuture. well nuture has switched to hard line support for this, of course insodence of it would rise greatly.

  12. Odin's Men had a clip recently of a kindergartener boy refusing to wear a dress to school his mom was cajoling him to do. The boy kept screaming that he didn't want to wear a dress to school. This is sick. This is child abuse. This comment from a 69-year-old male with transgender tendencies. 4-5 year old's? Way too young to determine anything! These children at that age are very impressionable and can be easily programmed into something they aren't. Regret later with bitter dregs. Sydney, I just found you, You're beautiful. Keep it up woman!

  13. I don't know if its true because i cant tell what baby formula is being made from ,,im not a pediatrician,,but i have noticed changes in children especially boys they more emotional ,,,and the toys are not challenging them in trouble shooting to be able to think of solutions to solve problems…fathers are facing legal circumstances where they cant teach boys to be rational,logical,and how to … control their emotions ….we need more strong fathers who raise good productive , responsible and accountable men of choices made once they turn into men … discipline and duty and honor and accountability is necessary in boys..we need more good fathers to change the system…i am a father paying for the mistakes i made because i did not have a stong biological father…but now i am responsible for my actions and my family and friends in my past who paid and suffered for those coices… because of my stepfather who was a strong and disciplined man who put me the test …i could or may i admit i should have been dead and died and n so many ways but my stepfather helped me to understand what it meant to be a man…we boy's and girls need both good fathers and mothers…loyal , trustworthy, trustworthy,moraly and principaled,and who stand by their teachings and their words always…otherwise we are lost…

  14. Kids are allowed to like different things not typically associated with the masculine/feminine traits. It happens, it's not abnormal. What is abnormal is entertaining the idea that a child actually has the self awareness and life experience to determine what's best for their identity before even completing puberty. The part about Iran and the islamist pursuit of eradicating homosexuality at the cost of mutilating a person's body and confusing them irreparably is simultaneously shocking and baffling. They hate homosexuality as it "goes against the wishes of god", yet they have no problem distorting and perverting the body that god gave their people. Makes absolutely no sense, even if the goal is to preserve male/female heterosexual relationships within the culture. Boys become men, girls become women, no amount of surgery or puberty blockers will ever change the fundamental makeup of a person's body.

  15. Ok, Sydney, Sydney. You can't bully anyone into being trans, just like you can't bully a trans person into being cis. I didn't know what nonbinary is until i was around 20. I didn't believe nonbinary people exist until 24. Yet, here I am, a sad enby with a lot of issues stemming from unknowing suppression of my gender identity, which was the same all along

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