The new federal agency nobody knows about.

Written by Thomas Wictor


  1. I don't partake of social media so I do not know this person. I am encouraged by what he says in this short video but have questions. Are the 'watermark' stories that are floating around for real? Will the feds really do anything about this massive cheating? Thanks for any answers.

  2. President Trump has my support! I believe he is on a mission to prove all the corruption of the Democrats that has been going on for years. He is always one or two steps ahead of them. I believe God sent him to us to be able to have the stamina to endure what he has been through. This is going so slow and so stressful and I pray he will have all the evidence that will land all these corrupt scumbags into Gitmo. God speed ahead Trump! You are our President and I could never accept this dementia laced old fart as my President and even less if their plain to plant Kamala in as President.

  3. Thought police strikes again. Interfering with a Federal election is a National Security threat. Democratic Socialist have overthrown our Government. SEDITION, INSURRECTION, TREASON. TRUMP 2020

  4. "States can no longer be trusted with national elections without federal supervision." … wholeheartedly disagree. States need to be able to operate by their own rules, regulations, and laws. If they don't have that power… we're living under a tyrant.

  5. Thank you, for all your hard work on Twitter. I've been following you for years, on Twitter for years. Greatly benefited from your threads. Hope you publish, when things get better.

    You're a National Treasure, Thomas.
    Considering the trolls and fools you've been subject to, no wonder you need a break.

    Thank you so very much. ???

  6. I think Trump is like Golf.
    You either love golf or you hate it.
    You either get Trump or you don't.
    Thanks for all the great work. You opened my eyes when I first got on Twitter. Great work. Enjoy your R&R.

  7. Thank you sir for taking the chances you have! I am a late waker uper. ? We new Patriots believe in Trump 100%. Thank you and we can try to take the ball from here to spread the message. Be well and where we go one we go all sir

  8. So the "QFS blockchain watermark" placed on the paper ballots are printed on by DHS. Then DHS supplied the paper to the printing companies that state contracts to print ballots. This makes sense I cannot imagine Donald Trump would do nothing

  9. He has had this planned…he has been in control the entire time…everything he has done has a purpose…Trump has got this and he will be PRESIDENT AGAIN! Please Patriots keep fighting with our President it just makes him stronger!???????????❤❤❤