The New York Times Says Believe All Women Is A Right-Wing Talking Point??

Our hardworking fourth estate rises to the occasion to gaslight the general public who may have forgotten where the hashtag ‘believe all women’ originated. The author of this New York Times opinion piece attempts (and fails) to rewrite the origin of the hashtag, and soldiers on in her attempt to conflate a feminist battle cry with snide right-wing remarks. The article is disheartening to Tim and Adam, but Lydia makes the uphill argument that there is a bright side to it.

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  1. "like a virus can mutate overnight" — So the New York Times has declared that there's never going to be any effective vaccine for Covid-19. Yep folks, you got that from the NYT.

  2. Neither Tim Pool, nor his fellow commentators, nor any of the more than 1500 commenters on this video even bother to mention once that this article was written by Susan Faludi. Her entire career has been about addressing misperceptions both about and within the feminist movement. Even if you don't know who she is (which would be ill-informed enough, given that she wrote one of the most famous feminist books of all time), wouldn't you take at least two seconds to look her up? Come on. If Youtube wants to be taken seriously as a news source, it needs to look like it has its act together. It's not difficult.

  3. If i remember correctly believe all woman or some form of it was originally used by feminist like lacy green, until critics of her were saying that she raped then and because they were women they should be believed, that was a couple years before trump

  4. Gaslight is a classic Hitchcock movie starring ingrid bergman about a husband who tries to convince his wife she is crazy and keeps changing the gaslight fixtures outputs in their victorian home

  5. I think what she’s saying is that she doesn’t believe Biden’s accuser and she’s trying to distance herself from the hashtag so she doesn’t look like a hypocrite, so she called it a right wing stunt

  6. Believe All Women is a far right thing? NYT is now putting out propaganda? It seems that a woman accusing a Democrat falls on deaf ears but god have mercy on the soul of anyone that accuses someone OTHER than a Democrat.

  7. It really demonstrates the quality of THEIR team; to be a modern liberal one must be delusional with utterly no sense of reality or need for honesty. Their house is built on a styrofoam foundation.

  8. Still no answer for why Joe Bidens' accusers are ignored or repressed but the obviously untrue accusations against Trump and Kavanaugh were given 24/7 news coverage from the entire news media almost. But, of course, we know the reason, it's obvious.

  9. You say "Well, it's just the opinion of one person" but I predict that the whole far-left bubble will repeat this laughable attempt at gaslighting soon.

  10. the actual sad part of this article, is that this was aproved by some superior and that this is coming from a jornal big jornal…

  11. Just yesterday I heard a segment on NPR trying to distance themselves and lefty's from the term "cancel culture." I'm sure that we will soon be hearing that the riots are right-wingers in disguise…. oh they already tried to claim that….