The News Blackout Has Now Begun, 3474

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Written by The Still Report


  1. Mr Still. I love your work but please tell me your not toning things down to keep your channel going. I like the live stream but you should have let your wife say what she was trying to say. Your just regurgitating everything we already know. Your starting to sound like Hannity. We need hard facts. Not surface chatter.

  2. 1 The mainstream media has TDS – Trump Derangement Syndrome. 2 Dr Steve Turley mentioned a couple of polls that had Trump at 52 percent at his 'exit
    and Biden at only 48 percent at his entrance. I'm sorry. I believe the spread is wider than that. Maybe the MSM should resort to weather forecasts.

  3. What you're missing is they had to hire extra fact checkers to keep up with all of the Trump lies. All they're saying is they expect the fact checking to drop back to pre-Trump levels.

  4. We no longer have an FBI, CIA, federal is Supreme Court. The main stream media is unapologetically the propaganda arm of the Democrat party. Antifa are likely to start staging more fake-MAGA skirmishes which will be increasingly violent in an effort to end the Second Amendment and trigger gun-confiscation. We have tried the high road, peaceful demonstrations, and using our vote to state our views and take our stances—to no avail. Election fraud has now been perfected, labeled legitimate, and institutionalized. Sometimes it feels as if my wife and I are the only ones who see the hopelessness of our situation, and that leaving this fraudulent vote in place only seals our fate. We HAD our chance to expose this and failed. This will prove to be one of the biggest defeats in history.

  5. Glenn Greenwald is awarded the Pulitzer Prize for breaking the Snowden story about the U.S. Government spying on everyone, while they all remain silent while refusing to defend Snowden as a hero. If the reporter Snowden gave the evidence to is awarded a Pulitzer Prize for breaking that story, then shouldn't Snowden be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom for his bravery to expose the Government has been spying and capturing every phone call, every email, every text and every social media post on every person? Instead the media is silent while the Government wants to persecute the one who exposed them.

  6. Also by MSM fiat Covid is gone. No new cases or death from the China virus. Certainly no questions about the current administration actions on the pandemic.

  7. As disgusting as the media is, I think Im more nauseated by the GOP. Year after year they let the scumbag left slander their constituents as bigots when everyone knows the Democrats are the party of Slavery, the KKK, the trial of tears, Jim Crow, Japanese internment camps and breaking up black families – leaving mothers and children to fend for themselves against drug gangs and sexual predators. And they still run black inner cities to be hopelessly impoverished war zones to THIS day! But will ANY conservative in Government grow a pair get back in their grills with the truth??? No theyll just keep "working with Biden" & kissing Democrat a$$ while they Screw us over royally yet again!?

  8. The media does tactics that are very inconspicuous (twisting everyyhing to the Socialist advantage) to the average person. That's why over 1/2 of America thinks Socialism is great. The Washington Post started tracking President Donald Trump’s false or misleading claims from Day-1 and thru-out his total Presidency, but Now that JBid is President – starting on Inauguration Day , The Washington Post will no longer have to have a False Claims Desk.

  9. O'Biden:
    Shuffling into the white house..
    Mumbles, Salute the Marines..
    I saw the earpiece.. Okay Obamy, come out of the basement now..

  10. Many in the republican party did not like Trump other wise the judiciary would have defended him regarding voter fraud. Why blame china when in plain sight it is the democrats & the media who are causing the censorship.