The News is Nothing Shy of Dire for the Democrats Right Now

When Slate and the Atlantic join the chorus of uproar at Dem policies, they have MSNBC left and that’s mostly it:

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  1. off topic, but i was reading youtube's transcription as i followed along, and it was pretty good, but at the end it read: "that's not all, peace out"! haha.

  2. I think anyone that sees a member of the msm needs to ask them why they dumped on Trump everyday for more than 4 years, yet have nothing to say about this cadaver that has ruined this country. They need to stop calling themselves journalists immediately.

  3. The press is controlled! The people that tell the press what to do are smart enough to realize the Biden-is-incompetent knowledge is OUT, and if they're to rescue any relevance at all for themselves they have to change their tack. Damage control in progress…By making the news "dire" for Biden, admitting what everyone knows to be true, the press lives to deceive another day. The institutional propaganda mouthpiece that is the press is more useful to the elite than is Biden!

  4. Democrats are going to be just fine so long as they control the media.

    FOX News is basically playing games and is not at all serious about opposing the lefts control of the media because if they were they'd invite Enrique Tarrio on for an interview to debunk the false narrative that The Proud Boys are white supremacists. They won't, though they did give time to Hawk Newsome, they won't have Enrique Tarrio on because the idea of organized white supremacists running around is too important to the left's narrative, and that's because Democrats are the white supremacists. They're responsible for the lives of the minorities they govern and Republicans are no more responsible for the lives and living conditions of Black Americans than the government of Uzbekistan is. Responsibility for police brutality lay with the Sheriff, because Sheriffs handle complaints about police. A Sheriff is an elected official. Responsibility for Black people being over prosecuted lay with the Prosecutor. The Prosecutor is an elected official. Those offices are held by Democrats in cities where minorities are in the majority. With regard to who is responsible for poor education in poor minority communities, that responsibility lay with Democrats because of their relationship with the Teachers' Unions. All of these things are things FOX should be hammering on, and would be if they were serious about what they pretend to be serious about.

    If FOX were serious they would address how Ukraine is divided, with many Ukranian citizens actually wanting to rejoin with Russia because the government of Ukraine is so corrupt that virtually everyone has had to pay a bribe to a public official or know someone who has. They are allowing Ukraine to be an issue because it distracts from China taking over Taiwan. Taiwan, where the citizens were in the streets protesting, waving American Flags, because they do not want to rejoin China. I have seen no record of mass protests in Ukraine against Russian control. Probably because if anyone tried it it would wind up looking like a civil war skirmish, rather than a protest, with their own citizens attacking the protesters in equal numbers. Ukraine was an easy to set up distraction from Taiwan. All they had to do was extend the notion that Ukraine was being considered for membership in NATO because, to Russia, this is essentially the same as the Cuban Missle crisis in the United States. Russia does not want a sworn enemy on their border anymore than we did.

    FOX is allowing the Left's narrative to play out because by simply allowing it while promoting little more than discontent with it they get ratings and money, where if they dismantle it and destroy it it must end and when the Left's narrative is put to rest it also shuts down the ratings and money to FOX News.

  5. And notice that the Dems DON'T care. That is a major sign that they are planning to do what they did in 2020…CHEAT.
    And if they got away with it in 2020, then they will likely get away with it in 2022 & 2024 cause nobody will do anything.

  6. Slightly off topic perhaps … is it me or does Mr Styx resemble Jacinda Ardern, Premiere* of New Soyland, sorry I spilled sugary coffee on my keyboard, of course I meant to type New Zealand – only possibly as Mt styx maybe seems not as well manly endowed, as it were? I wonder, are they possibly related?

  7. I dont give a shit what political douche party your in, 2+2=4 fucking period. The stuff that's been going on since Trump was sworn in and you could see the seething hate on the faces of the elite political establishment and their damn media lap dogs. This ain't working.

  8. It's not Bidens Fault!
    All of the Horrible Things going on now are not Bidens Fault!
    President Trump made Biden do it all.
    It's not Biden Fault we lost Afghanistan and gave Taliban 80 Billion Dollars of Top Shelf US Military Hardware. President Trump made him do it.
    Climate Change, Hyperpinflation, Covid Blizzard, broken supply Chains? Not Bidens Fault!
    President Trump made him do it.
    < The above story is being spun by MSM now>

  9. I predict that in looking back at the pandemic in the future, the consensus will be that the blanket lockdowns and isolation of healthy, young people with no co-morbidities and no known direct exposure/contact to an infected person was both against basic principles of epidemiology and a huge economic/risk- benefit mistake.

  10. The word liberal media or Democrat doesn't do them justice. We need to coin a phrase that is clearly based on Merritt of their athiest cult religion.
    Its still to many inside the party that doesn't understand they hate Christianity and anything Anglican, anything classical Greek/roman. They hate mankind.
    Most of all that we have been living under socialism thats what globalism is. Its been 30 years since we was a capitalist government. Their monopolization in American Capitalism.
    We are 70% socialist spending on agency ,institutions and programs. Salary is doxed all but 15% .
    Gov dictating import export who makes what and what industry profits. They hand pick who they give tax paid R&d tech to.

  11. Biden may not have instituted lockdowns but he is the head representative (and most visible) member of the Democrat party. If he had come out hard against them or not gone to such great lengths to scapegoat unvaccinated and use such horrifically divisive rhetoric in his speeches then maybe I would not hold him accountable for the COVID debacle. The Democrat party deserves to be held accountable for politicizing all of this and making it so that we can't trust our institutions.

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