The Nicki Minaj Twitter Drama


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  1. So how do they know it was the vaccine that was the cause? It's too easy to blame the vaccine when it was probably the guy having a bit on the side and got the clap. Tucker C is praised by White Supremacist groups.

  2. No idea who Nicki Minaj is, but this strikes me as an example of how you cannot categorize people so easily, whether it is race, religion, politics, etc. My personal belief is that this culture war is engineered by powerful people who no longer want democracy and freedom. In the background the authoritarians lurk and everyone needs to drop this left/right black/white BS and face them down.

  3. One
    A few years ago the parties both did a full 180 and switched
    And two tucker Carlson
    He is a white nationalist tho
    Like he has said he wants to send immigrants back to their country
    Also the leader of a American white nationalist group love him to the point they watch him twice a night.
    One time to enjoy the show
    A second time to learn from show because they think he is making the WHITE NATIONALIST talking points better then him they are

    Also his parents are rich because they have access to the swanson tv dinner fortune

  4. Deep Vein Thrombosis can form in the testicles: A Rare Cause of Acute Testicular Pain.

    (with the Covid vaccine) The blood clots causing the greatest alarm are called cerebral venous sinus thromboses (CVST), which occur in the veins draining blood from the brain. These can be fatal. Blood clots also occurred in the abdomen (splanchnic vein thrombosis, or SVT) and in arteries. In most of the patients identified so far, these clots occurred in combination with thrombocytopenia, a condition characterised by abnormally low numbers of platelets and sometimes bleeding.

    Your testicles developed in your abdomen from the same level as your kidneys before descending down to the scrotum and pulling nerves down with them. The other tissues and layers of your scrotal wall are also a continuation of the layers of your abdominal wall.

    Conclusion, there is a chance that the vaccine could cause blood clots in the testicle. I'm not saying it's likely or common, just possible. I'm also not stating her friends testicles were from the vaccine or even true, just possible.

  5. Its like if Beyoncé said the Polo vaccine causes women to go sterile. You can't have millions of fans and tweet a make up a completely moronic lie about a public health problem. There is lots of fans that probably believe her which means she possibly could cause damage to families. Doesn't matter what your stance is on the vaccine. It does not cause impotence (would be records of this in ongoing trials and Moderna was FDA approved.) So she is very much in the wrong about lying about it to millions of people. The other stuff is just drama and who cares about that, public health is the issue. Wait till you have multiple family member die to respiratory failure dud to covid, you might think different about it.

  6. I don't know who any of those people are, what they do, or why they would be important, including you. Sorry. The only one I've seen before is Tucker, who was a truth seeker back in the day, but became a pretty mainstream FOX douche.

    I feel blessed to not worry what some nobodies text on their phones, or to consider that news.

  7. I do my best, in this complicated age, to neither identify myself in any particular political alignment and find the left/right paradigm to be an outdated tool of division in society. But the Count is being very hypocritical when he says that, rightly so, just because you are (alt) right doesn't make you a fascist but then on the other hand, doesn't see the problem in saying 'the left does this/that'- and grouping all the opposition together. People are a lot more nuanced than that, as he well knows, which makes his opinion sloppy, lazy and a double standard.

  8. I had no choice but to get the jab to keep my job, I was told that I either get the vax or lose my job…. I despise myself for getting it, yet I have a kid to feed and being a single mother I can't afford to not work…. makes me furious really….

  9. »…he's a white nationalist«? So what? Should I [dis]agree with people because of their political background instead of based on what they just said? I don't get this kind of attitude at all. I can agree with mortal enemies if they're right, and disagree with lifelong allies when they're wrong.

    Edit: Damnit, a few minutes in you explained the same thing, only better than I could. Leaving the comment here, the algorithm will appreciate it.

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