The Night That Changed Germany’s Attitude To Refugees

A Night In Cologne: A series of sexual assaults perpetrated by immigrants on New Year’s Eve in Cologne changed Germany’s welcoming attitude to refugees and economic migrants.

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A mob sexual assault on young female revellers on New Year’s Eve turned Germany’s celebrated tolerance of mass migration upside down. What happened and why was it hushed up? How has it changed the nation?

Michelle describes how the assailants, supposedly refugees, “touched us everywhere they could, between the legs and at our breasts”. Police and media initially downplayed the incident, but as days went by, Germans learned that more than 1000 complaints of sexual assault and theft had been lodged, with the alleged assailants being described as North African and Middle Eastern. Subsequently, the generosity that has seen Germany embrace more than a million new migrants in the past year, otherwise known as “Welcome Culture”, is wearing thin.

For Frauke Petry, head of the increasingly popular right wing Alternative Party for Germany, “it’s time to wake up” to the way society is being changed by immigration. Left-wing feminist Alice Schwarzer fears that a “misguided tolerance” on race issues facilitated the violence, and the resultant backlash. “I am convinced”, says Schwarzer, “that we have for the first time since 1945, a growing right wing movement.”

ABC – Ref. 6725

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  1. Angela Merkel was very foolish accepting so many, so called, refugees. I suspect that it was based on an attempt to disprove Germany's historical 'baggage from WW2 by channeling the German peoples natural welcoming nature towards visitors. Events like this were inevitable given the origins of the men and their culture being so different to that of European nations. Mysogyny, homophobia and a disregard for human life have seen attacks across Europe including the UK

  2. Four years now. I still remember the news a few days after this day. It's not that much better now. I know some refuges. They are nice people. But there are 50 of these idiots for every one nice person.

  3. Cologne Incident is just a wake up call to what's to come in the next 100 years for Europe. Study the Lebanese Christian history in the Middle East and try to learn something for the sake of your future generations

  4. They don't want to integrate they want to Conquer. They want their laws on Europe. Shame on the idiots who call "Fascist" or nazis to the people who want to end this invasion

  5. dear @YouTube n @google.. please don't always deleting our comments.. give us the users freewill n freedom of speech here.. don't like others apps please who always deleting n banning us if we don't fulfill what ur heart wants.. remember God created each of us with freewill n freedom..

  6. Hahaha welcome to the club germany

    Atleast now the world will understand why majority indians voted for modi and BJP.

    Much love from india. Hope the germans realize the mistake and try to correct it soon.??

  7. Dear Germans,
    Can you take your european dna jeus back? They're making alot of problems in mideast. We'd reckon we'd take our refugees back to mideast when you take your jeus back to German. It's a win win solution coz you love them so much and I know you prefer to have them than the refugees, rt???