The “No Fly List” Just Got Leaked…

Hello guys and gals, it’s me Mutahar again! This time we take a look at what a hacker has done by accessing some unsecured servers and finding the list of the largest US surveillance program to exist. The TSA “No Fly” List. Thanks for watching!
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  1. Mutahar, hope this amuses you?
    Of all the time I spend on serious investigations on YT, I make sure and watch you for 'New Things' many DO. But I have never gamed avoid soc media for sec BUT

    I am female from Boise living in UK, and! Age 70. from your snapshots I get tipped to a world I can keep a half an eye on…I really want and have to keep up while I get left behind!

    Bty your very clever abt your camera angle and I adore the 'humor'! 'Groovy keen' for Sure. Xoxo

  2. The hacker's being investigated by congress and yet she's still tweeting out without a care in the world since she's not american. If a furry isn't being a nuisance on social media they're generally revolutionizing the tech industry. you love to see it.

  3. Distributing credentials by hardcoding them to some deployment script is horrible, but usually it’s at least only some service account with some limitations. But turns out if you just hardcode the AWS creds and use those, the same script is good for any use case! At least 10 workhours saved, pure profit.

  4. Every time I fly somewhere, customs picks me out of the queue for drug tests. The best was being tested twice in a row by two different customs officers and having my hand luggage searched.

  5. One of my Nokia work mates working in some site abroad changed his name couple of years after 9/11, because he shared full name with some Al Queda high rank (5th to 2nd at that moment he shared this info to me – i.e. 2010ish) and he was pulled from the line on EVERY TIME – even while flying inside Europe. After he changed his name this customs procedure was almost nonexistent wih him.

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