The Noose of Censorship is Tightening

We’re all in trouble.

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  1. Meanwhile protesters who went to twitter HQ in San Francisco to protest this censorship were attacked and beaten by BLM/Antifa thugs. Apparently when you protest some IDEAS you'll get beaten by other IDEAS.

  2. They tear out some men's tongue just to prove that they fear what these men are saying. One of them being… all thing peadophilic in nature. Typo intended.

  3. It's really odd after watching stuff like pedogate on YouTube its crazy stuff. Qanon is cool and all but it is mostly true like the secret kabbal of elite pedophiles IS REAL! crazy that big tech is on the pedophiles sides….?

  4. The left is on a fantasy to stop Q push and when Q was relevant to the right it dealt with pedophilia. I suspect that video got taken down due to having roots in the left's Q obsession.

  5. My user account (with no videos) was purged from YouTube as well. And honestly, I don't even know what for. They gave the blanketed "harrassment" spiel, but never showed me anything specific that I said that broke their rules.

  6. Why does Twitter think they can censor the GOP? Because they have done it before and nothing happened. GOP talks smack but lack the testicular fortitude to actually sanction them. Why? Because they are in on it.

  7. Poor leftists. There is just no way out of this situation for them. Let the story run free and it annihilates the "nice Grandpa" image of Joe Biden. Cover it up on social media and much of the world freaks out (rightly) over the creeping hell of censorship. I hope this is the end for these bastards.