The Nordstream Sabotage in Focus: A MAJOR Escalation Regardless of Whodunnit

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  1. I am extremely pro-America and anti communism, but having been in the Coast Guard for 3 years I have a feeling this was the work of the US and it is absolutely not what we should be doing if so.

  2. Don't forget, some lady from the Brandon administration (whose name escapes me) said in an interview that we would turn nord stream into a twisted bunch of metal on the ocean floor. I highly doubt Russia did this, as eventually this war has to stop, and business needs to return to normal. This is a huge blow to the status quo. Now Russia has no energy leverage, as it is out of their hands. When this is over, and assuming they win, Russia is gonna have to rebuild a he'll of a lot of Ukraine.

  3. But what if it was corporate entities like Blackrock or something, this move is nuts for any nation to do, but as the WEF has shown is they are already insane .. would they have something to gain from conflict and escalation among other things they propose?

  4. USS kearsarge entered the Baltic, explosions happened, USS kearsarge leaves the Baltic. Gas prices go up. US LNG imports increase. EU citizens suffer, US citizens suffer, someone in the “Club” makes a ton of money.

  5. as far as i know putin himself complained about germany not using northstream 2 because he paid good money to build it. that sounds to me like he was actually waiting for germany to finally use the thing. and germany was the one who didn't want to use it to sanction russia. and russia didn't really care and sold their gas elsewhere. germany really struggles for gas right now but our government didn't want to cave to protesting people and the political opposition both of which want them to buy russian gas. so from that point of view it makes total sense that our own government went ahead and blew up the pipelines to put an end to that discussion. that way they can force the so called sanctions to continue without having to take the heat for it from their own people. since they have been running the country into the ground from the date they took office, seemingly on purpose, this is the most likely explanation for the sabotage. apparently there has been a us fleet present at the time and maybe it was actually them but if so i highly doubt it wasn't coordinated with german government.

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