The Overton Window Shifts Right

Book club: the war on the west

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  1. Hooray. We are gonna be ruled by a foreigner. What could go wrong i wonder. 2 choices now A foriegner or a bloke that can't identify what a Woman is!!! God the English are fucked!!

  2. Vaccine passports, gender ideologies and "pride" are not a "center-right vision" – we're being played, again. We have no representation.

  3. 5:15 I bet they mirrored that picture because there are so many nazi and soviet propaganda posters with just that look. They face the other way, though.

  4. Let's just take a moment to remember that, for almost an entire century now, every single serving Conservative PM has either resigned or been forced out of office by their own party. They're all useful idiots, as soon as they show any signs of responding to the concerns of the 'wrong' people – us – they're out. Whether you like him or not, and whatever the public may think, Sunak is a dead cert because he will tow the line and represents the gamble that the opposition would be even worse at the next GE. The leadership contest is a circus that gives the illusion of democracy and people are simply lapping it up.

  5. The Tory leadership race standings makes sense. Sunak is, after all, arguably the most obedient neoliberal globalist of all the contenders. With him, the status quo would be most preserved.

  6. The field represents the broader problem of the poor quality of parliamentarians in general, who have made terrible decisions over the past few years. They struggle to define a woman yet they voted on the G.R.A.

  7. BORING, c'mon, this is just a distraction; I hope people are enjoying their recent entertainment, because we're screwed, not only financially, but also productively. Whatever softens this pretentious reality to avoid the fact that we're literally in the shitters. How many of these so-called jesters have dual citizenship? Johnson, right a like limp dick has thrusting the United Kingdom into a wall but pulled out at the very last minute making the most grievous of messes.

  8. Imagine caring about any of these people's opinions and thinking that they will change anything. You even highlight this yourselves… They've all done or agreed with awful things. They're all an absolute sewer.

  9. – Plan to dismantle Israel/Palestinian/Muslim Apartheid, settle all religious disputes, and bring peace to the "Middle East".

    Plan does not need to be absolute truth nor believed by it's implementors (or the implemented). Can the plan be pulled off with success is what I wish to lay out to you if the above title is a goal you wish to achieve regardless. [They wait for the success of the plan after the fact before they TRULY believe in the plan anyway]

    The plan is to promote and force the hand of Israel to enthrone me, Edward Nathan Schwarz, as King of Israel according to Torah law and I would have absolute rule over the interpretation of all the Holy Writ [Tanak, Gospel, Qur'an] and settle all religious and legal disputes TO EVERYONES BENEFIT AND SATISFACTION. 

    And you can flesh that out with me ahead of time what that settlement would be and see if any side would feel a ruling would not be Just for them or in their interests.
    What do Palestinians want?  No walls surrounding them?  They're gone. What do Muslim's want? No apartheid in Jerusalem? Done away with. What do the Rabbis want? A Temple? They'll settle for the Tabernacle. What does Egypt want, what does Jordan want, what does Iran want? 

    The Davidic King, according to ALL their Lore, holds the Lord's power of attorney in Israel's affairs. Except for cases in idolatry, this king can amend the covenant laws at will among other powers. I got plenty of resources to share. Who wants to be my friend? 

    Anybody please tell me, What can I give you that you be my friend? I'll open an office and stock it with Santa's helpers for you to send in your requests. I got resources and "stuff" warehouses busting their seems. I'll bring an oasis to your desert if that is what you need or want – spare no expense. 

    So whoever this is I'm speaking to please forward this plan to concerned parties for consideration and refining if interested. -Cheers

  10. Speaking as someone who's just left-of-center, there's a significant difference between a right-wing shift and a rightward shift. They still clearly aren't right wing. They're just less radically left; still significantly more left than I am.

  11. Once you all realise the people running as conservative are not conservatives, and once you mentally rename the party and just behave as if they're new Labour or a.n other, it all makes sense. Peter Hitchens was correct. The conservative party name has to die in order that people realise a new party with actual conservatives needs to arise. None of these talking rootless anywheres are going to fix anything.

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