The Palpable Cringe of Extinction Rebellion

Go plant some trees or pick up garbage. Get off your high horse and stop whining if all you can do is yell.


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#ExtinctionRebellion #Cringe


  1. They dont give a crap about the environment, power is all they care about. Just another bunch of commies using a good cause as cover. They need a good kicking.

  2. Cool dude, the same useless idiots are here in England, disruption of the innocent is there only accomplishment, noise never music, mercy mercy me things ain't what they use to be

  3. I'll give that piece of garbage called George Soros one compliment: He (or his think tank) sure came up with a great name when they picked "Black Lives Matter." It creates an instant linguistic shield against criticism. Freaking brilliant. But "Extinction Rebellion"? Gtfoh. Sounds like they WANT to die. Total fail in branding.
    The first time I heard the name (a Paul Joseph Watson video I think), I straight up laughed. I didn't even bother to look at what they were about. I don't want to make too big a deal out of it, but damn, that name alone is gonna guarantee they fizzle away.

  4. Weve had 2 weeks of it in london they stopped emergency vehicles getting through especially ambulances getting through.defaced our statues and buildings god k ows what else they are middle class so they dont want to be environmentally freindly they want the working class to they still want their pret and starbucks,range rovers and several overseas holidays but not yours and the goverment allows it because it state backed

  5. Activism…. the LEAST effective method to get anything done. Activism is literally just bitching at everyone else about what they want done, but won't actually do themselves. Know what the high form of activism is? Get a job in the industry that you want to change.. and CHANGE IT. Want a cleaner planet? Go fucking clean it. You don't have to tell anyone about shit. Just go do it. I go to the deserts of socal all the time, white guys everywhere flying trump flags and all that, partying hard in 1000 hp offroad vehicles. The don't do any activism…. when they leave their camp it looks great. Typically they pick up more trash than they came with… because there are always some libs that cruise in that aren't particularly political, but have that activist mentality, they throw raves out there and shit. They always leave a fucking disaster. We never had to have activists to clean shit up, it was the right thing to do and we wanted our desert to remain a place we wanted to go, so we didn't trash it. We'd even do "clean ups" a few times a year, really just an excuse to go have fun offroading more, but we'd clean shit up, drink beer, and we wouldn't advertise to prove some point, not out there trying to push some agenda politically, just wanted to keep our damn state parks area open and a good place to keep going to. The activists out there don't actually give a flying fuck about ANY of the causes they claim to, because if they cared about those things, they'd go do something about them. What they want is popularity and free money. They want to virtue signal for donations and to feel like they belong to some greater cause, because they have no purpose. They don't build things, they don't fix things, I've been out prerunning for a race many times coming across some kind but helpless hippies broken down in the desert several times, and they are so so lost on how to do any kind of basic mechanical repair, but usually have lots of good drugs and sometimes good taste in music. Basically Activism is just self narcissism incarnate, it's performance theater, an act completely devoid of function, and its only purpose is to gain popularity not to the cause that they are preaching, but to themselves. It's what someone who has no idea what to do with their life does to feel important. The thing is, that i don't blame them because they've been lied to and brainwashed and left out to dry with no useful knowledge or skills to survive in the world, and nothing to look forward to or strive for. Of course they want communism, freedom to a prisoner who's only known a cage his whole life is confusing and terrifying. They cannot even get their heads around the idea of no authority figure telling them what to do. They mimic the successful areas of their lives that did work and that was the formal structure that school offered, and they try to push a top-down system of control on everyone thinking that they are so much smarter than all these old people and manual laborers, that they with thier high knowledge of science (maybe a hundred years ago) will make a better system…. but all they know how to do everytime is be into "spreading awareness", hoping really that someone else who thinks like them knows how to get it all done…. but everyone who thought like them that figured out how things worked…. they have the jobs that they are protesting against. Really activism i think should be shunned as lazy and unimaginative. But… they can never actually try to accomplish their goals…. because if they did then the gigs up, they gotta go dig some ditches or wash some windows, not just bullshit people for donations.

  6. Eh…I’ll take Extinction Rebellion over ANTIFA any day. At least XR doesn’t go around smacking people with bike locks or skateboards…yet.

  7. I can already see the extinction rebellion guys getting robbed and beaten in the Bijlmer or Kampen. There are some projects that teach kids about growing food.
    My public elementary school had a project that kids go to a public garden where every kid got a small patch and could grow vegetables and some flowers. It was fun.
    And the canals of Amsterdam have always been a dump. I worked in the city centre and man, every week the city cleaners were picking up bikes, cans and all kind of organic matter. I remember that a car had been found some time ago in one of the bigger canals.

  8. You should see how trashy Amsterdam zuidoost is sometimes. Especially on market day. Irritates me to see kids liter 3 feet from a trash bin. They apparently can't be arsed. And its locals, not tourists.

  9. There’s a conservative way to appease these assholes. Bionutrient farming which is basically rock dust + biochar + no bare soil + fungus and microbes (Link in comments for more on that) to create living soils with high cation exchange capacity. And ungodly amount of CO2 is released into the atmosphere by commercial Ag chem farming just from treating the ground like an inert growing medium. Living soils sequester ungodly amount of CO2 both directly and indirectly. The how is a massive tl:dr that nobody has time for so just trust me on that one. When vegetables are grown in these living soils you don’t need pesticides because bugs are after amino acids and healthy plants contain mostly complete proteins and an indigestible amount of lipids. No chemical fertilizers are needed either because creating a bionutrient soil fills the soil’s nutrient gas tank for about 90 years before you have to do another large amendment. That saves an ass fuck load of money right there. The veg produced in these soils are an average of 500% more nutritious than conventional AND “ORGANIC” produce. This makes healthier people and makes health insurance rates go down. It is more fiscally conservative to farm in this way and and the food will taste better. Combating climate change is just an accidental byproduct.

  10. While it's true that ER is a worthless movement your examples of their hypocrisy aren't necessarily. It's not hypocritical to use something when there's a lack of valid alternatives, if that were the case you'd be hypocritical yourself to upload to YouTube. It's comparable to the people that say things like "just make your own social media".