The Patriot Act 2.0 | feat. Dominic Frisby

The Despicable Debauched Degeneracy of Hunter Biden

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  1. 4:54
    My retard in office, YOU ARE the people that are inciting hatred towards Catholics, Mormons, and Christianity in general. You subvert Christianity via abusing the fact that we have doctrines on loving and tolerating people who make mistakes to try and to help bring them back to a good state of being; Twisting those into the Left's definition meaning total support of this awful behavior or you're an istaphobe. You try to tear down Christianity's foundations from within. I see it all the time, members of the Church subverted into supporting and loving sinful behavior who then try to call those of us who don't support that evil "UnChristlike" and "Not a true Christian." Then there's the anarchist progressivist groups that have attacked churches, attacked church events, burned down chapels and Christian church buildings. Damn you and your kind to Hell, and I'm willing to go with you to save future souls from the corruption you spread.

  2. Actually openly said what they want, rather than what we are. We are a constitutional republic with democratically elected representatives. They called us a Multicultural Democracy, which is how they see our glittering futuristic communist utopia. Where all races will be strictly segregated and each group will have completely equitable power to run the country, except maybe ones who were “historically “ powerful, they will need to have many generations of no power for “equity”.

  3. You canot change things with speeches and wishes alone. You need actions. The idiots pseudo conservatives never understood that. People have to go to jail for breaking the law. It will be people you know personally and call friends, but they broke the law.
    If you allow money or connections to shield them, you will be next.

    The toll will be millions, from politicians to staffers to CEOs to academics to school teachers, to hysterical agitators.
    Mayors and governors have to go to jail. Millionaires have to go to jail. Celebs have to go to jail , journalists have to go to jail.

    Most of all The CEOs of big pharma have to go to jail for life. they perpetrated one of the most heinous crimes against humanity.
    Ditto the whole leadership of the CDC.

    Yeah it hurts, but seing your families dragged through the street before you get executed will hurt more.
    Brandon already treads the path of Little Benny,you allow one of his adherents or collaborators to remain free, the next one will walk the path of that wanna be Austrian painter. Openly!
    I made some predictions about feminists a couple of years ago, the result.. you go ask a feminist.
    I but warn of possibilities. They are not probabilities yet, much less certainties. They can be avoided. For now!

  4. Focus on white supremacy during Clinton's administration led to 9/11 because the various American law enforcement agencies were busy gathering together malcontents, providing them training and explosives, and then leading them into ambushes so that the number of white supremacists prosecuted was high. When a score of Saudis was behaving suspiciously, one was arrested due to attempts to obtain radioactive materials. The rest hijacked four airliners and used those as human-shielded cruise missiles. Focusing on white supremacy worked so well back in the years 2000 and 2001.

    President Biden insists upon repeating the past. What are we going to do when one of the protected "people of color" demographic slices takes out the White House or Congress while President Biden is there?

  5. Biden (his handlers really) KNOWS exactly what they are doing. They know everything they're saying is a full on lie.

    They want to gaslight people into starting the civil war they desperately need. Don't give in to this shit!!!!! These globalists are on the ropes. They wouldn't push this outrageous shit if they were in control.

  6. The Democrats, as always, are the problem. Sadly, Republicans are too cowardly and spineless to do anything about it, even after they've sorted out almost all of their neocon problem.

  7. “To the original sin of slavery” these people are, it’s just not debatable anymore, these people are the devil. I can’t even call them human, they see people like me as less than trash.

  8. left or right conservative or progressive catholic or atheist or muslim or whatever

    it doesnt matter what labels goverment puts on itself

    they all become the same thing once they amass enough power. there is basically no difference between Bidens administration and polish government. what they say is different, what they do is the same. same old totalitarian bullshit.

  9. that only means they spy on ALL the messages, which we already expected ofc, it is likely given human corruption, fbi and facebook employees, independently, flag persons of their personal interest (eg cute female), to stalk them

  10. Our own intelligence agencies in the US are politicized toward and for the Left/Democrats. When Biden was elected, the military went through the ranks and anyone who had shown pro-Trump was sent packing. Same with many police agencies in blue cities and of course, the FBI and CIA.
    Biden purged in a way the same way Stalin purged, just without the mass killings (so far)

  11. Yes, we are your former colony … but I think we did something to force you to let us go. What was that? A letter to the King? Some muskets and cannon? Hmm… no, I don't take any offense. I type this with a sly grin.

  12. The problem with the people we're talking about is that they know how to do what they're doing, but they don't know what they're doing. Authoritarians, throughout history, have been very effective, but their goals are always ridiculous. They can successfully do horrible things, but they haven't thought at all about why they're doing it.

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