The Patriotic Cultural Revolution Has Quietly Begun

A raft of new populist, patriotic parties are springing up, such as the Reclaim party and the Heritage party, as a patrotic cultural revolution begins in Britain’s institutions under the Conservatives.

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  1. The Tories have failed, Labour is a joke. How do we come back from this? Who will take charge? There is only one way to solve our problems & that's taking our country back from politicians, woke far leftists & those who oppose the working class patriots. However we cannot do this without spilling blood. We are too tolerant to do anything about this mess. The UK is a joke.
    I love your videos Carl. Been following for about 3/4 years now but I see nothing been done. The masses know the truth & choose not to speak. I feel that you've wasted your breath on the them but fair play for still speaking out.
    A 2nd lockdown is going to cripple us & riots will be in full swing & these left vs right facts won't matter. We must take the country back by force. But that is an inevitable impossibility.

  2. How about article 7 of the English constitution the right to bare arms how about we get that right back so we don't have to put up with tyrannical governments that walk all over you and we have the right of self defence?

  3. Even if they put these people in at the top of the BBC, it's too late, I want the BBC licence fee decriminalised.
    I want nothing to do with them, because I don't trust the institution. We are still being told to pay a fee by law. I don't pay, but because we have a TV for the games console that we watch films on, I still get the threatening letters. We dare not let a TV inspector in to prove my lack of an aerial because they will try to say that because I have internet I may be watching TV through that. They will try to stitch you up somehow. You shouldn't have to fear the knock at the door.

    This kind of fear of legal ramifications is unjust especially over an organization that I fundamentally disagree with and a format that is absolutely over . Boris needs to end their power over us, not tinker around hoping to change them. But he won't.

  4. Do these parties have websites yet?

    Are we going down the old left route? Reclaim Party. Heritage Party. Reclaimed Heritage Party. Heritage and Reclamation Party. Splitters United Party?

  5. So let me get this straight, if you wear a suit you shouldn't get gun downed by the police but if you dress like a thug then you are the victim of your decision not to dress like a corporate slave? You know something funny, maybe that is the point of the police, to enforce corporate conformity and eliminate culture. You want to dress in your native garb, stop being a weirdo and put on that corporate slave uniform and be different just like everyone else or the police my accidentally confuse you for a target. Look the part otherwise there may be a mishap, you know that whopsie insurance that the mafia provides for their local stores.

    Oh how "just follow orders and everything will be fine" as they take away your rights and destroy your communities you are Sargon, but I guess that is what I would expect from a British person…. a country that would not exist if it was not for certain corporate interest engineering world events to keep those war bonds valuable……….. once you realize Churchill was the real enemy along with a couple of banksters (as an American)….. I stopped caring what the British think as they have always been at war with America since the revolution…… we Americans were just foolish enough to believe that the war ended.

  6. Honestly the Heritage Party needs to drop the 'no gay marriage' line. That ship has sailed.

    I hope these parties gain support. That will put pressure on the Tories, and for that matter Labour. I cannot abide the thought of a Labour Govt in 2023/4, so the Conservatives must be forced to shift ground.

  7. I voted conservative to stop Corbyn and the communists, and guess what? We’ve ended up with “Comrade Boris” Don’t think I’ll bother to vote next time, they all say one thing and do the opposite!

  8. I kind of think the big problem is that the left is becoming radical left and the right wing conservtives are becoming center in hope of taking the center left voters. not forgeting that radical feminst thoughts have poisend both.

  9. My message to Boris Johnson you tell us to put a face mask on. Yet when you come out of no 10 you don't have a face mask on. L can see now why the public are protesting against you, you have become a total TWAT .

  10. Donald Trump goes on stage and blasts cancel culture and CRT, and his base goes wild, 95~% approval rating in the republican base, highest number of votes for an incumbent primary in history.

    Boris quietly does really good things to slide under the radar of the media, and nobody hears about it, so his base become disillusioned.

    So basically, the only way to save the free world is to loudly, heroically storm the beaches while the media try to gun you down from the bunkers. It won't be easy, but it has to be done.

  11. 1-The problem, the refusal to crack down on Terrorist protests (BLM)
    2-The speed to crack down on and call any opposition protest far right thugs.
    3-Locking down Britain for the greater good and imprisoning people to their homes under threat of jail time or £10,000 fines.
    4-The mass deaths caused by lockdown, as we know half the current surge in deaths were from covid unrelated causes.
    The conservative party, the labour party, the mainstream media ARE THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE.

  12. If the Nationalist parties would unite and work together they would win easily. Unfortunately they do not, which means the status quo parties continue to win.

  13. the political classes have been corrupted, it is way past the point of reform. the fact there is a coup underway is too little too late, they have destroyed their credibility with the endless cash grabs, corona rules, and the sheer single-minded focus on London (Edinburgh a close second) as being the center of life. until someone actually looks outside the bubbles they live in there will be no change that is not led by the people.

  14. Send Nish Kumar to the US? Yeah not gonna happen. My country doesn't have the capacity or the patience to deal with yet another vapid British 'comedian' who'll threaten to move to Canada if things don't go their way. We're still trying to get John Oliver and Trevor Noah deported back to your country. If you want to exile Kumar than sent him to Australia.

  15. UK tories party is disgustingly the same thing as EU commission but acting to have the whole power. I understand the hate you may have for nazis but history is telling the only way to save european population is a european right wing sourge. We'll NEVER take back our freedom and our lands and defend our ethnicities by insitutional ways or by democratic vote being all media against european nations

  16. If the Conservatives want continued public support, they should (1) Leave the EU whatever the cost; (2) Stop mass Marxist demonstrations and vandalism; (3) Put an end to "critical theory" in education and (4) Prevent illegal immigration, and deport illegal immigrants currently housed in the UK. People have had enough. If these things are not done, there will eventually be real far right extremists taking things into their own hands.