The Pentagon “lost” $6.5 TRILLION in 2015 and nobody cares. [Bite Size Bullshit]

The Pentagon failed to account for $6.5 trillion in its 2015 financial statements, $2.8 trillion in wrongful adjustments in one quarter alone.

No one knows where the money went. No one cares.

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Jimmy Dore:
Donald Rumsfeld Warned About Pentagon Waste, Then 9/11 Happened

Lee Camp – Redacted Tonight
Aug 28, 2016

Black Budget: US govt clueless about missing Pentagon $trillions
RT, Dec 21, 2013

What would $17 Trillion National Debt look like in $100 bills?

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Written by Shuhood Khan


  1. Hi Tulsi Gabbard;

    You folks are censoring my posts on your website. That means you are dirty and DNC mainstream. No more money and I will share my news about your dirty alignment with the DCCC and the billionaires.

    I figured you would show your colors. It took me donating ½ dozen times and just waiting. To make you feel better about being a sellout; most others that are owned by the filthy world haters that run our country and the DNC are all coming down on the side of the super-rich corruption and war mongering DNC and their dirty money.

    The good news is you had me fooled and have a huge number of folks fooled yet. Most will go with your sheepherding techniques. You and I know the truth and soon enough many more will come to that same conclusion.

    No More War. No More corruption. No More Nuclear bombs.

    Let the DNC Roast in Hell

    Love from Oregon

  2. That's right murica..!!! 19 cave dwellers (mostly saudi's nationals whom many are still alive today) managed to outsmart the multi-trillion $ defense and intelligence agencies. CIA, DOD, NORAD, FBI, Government, Airport Security, Police enforcement… etc.

    They did all this with box cutters, indestructible passports & bandannas.. now considering most of these folks couldn't fly a kite, they managed to manually fly giant commuter planes with most of their navigational & flight systems turned off.. with pin point accuracy and well exceeding their aircraft's flight and structural limitations.

    The government immediately claimed they had no idea who was responsible and nor did they have any foreknowledge "aka intelligence", but the scripted presstitutes in the lame stream media, had within hours started pointing the finger at the bogeyman "OBL".. whom by the way, was never indicted for 9-11. (go figure)..?

    They brought down 3 buildings with 2 planes..? which collapsed at and near free fall acceleration and the other plane they buried "literally" in PA without a trace…

    NORAD were too preoccupied playing war games, Bush was making the most of photo opportunities at a school, Rumsfeld was helping pick up pieces of a missile.. oooops a plane, from the Pentagon lawn.
    The cash strapped Pentagon could only afford 1 camera made from a potato, and their 1 and only video took a few years to release.. with the wrong date and time stamp on it…?

    Meanwhile the liquefied steel that FEMA documented, the hundreds of eyewitnesses (including FDNY & NYPD) that reported many secondary explosion; from the basement, lobby and several of the intermediate floors prior to the buildings collapsing.. were all ignored by NIST and the 9-11 Omission..!!

    It took + 400 days to assemble a cherry picked commission, meanwhile most of the forensic evidence "steel" was shipped to China and India to be immediately scrapped – destroyed… nothing to see hear folks, move along..

    So approx. 15 million was issued to fund the 9-11 investigation… meanwhile the clinton and lewinsky BJ cost about 45 million..? hmmmm priorities???

    Anyway off to war we go..!!! in search of WMD's – weapons of mass DELUSIONS (ooops wrong country). +1.6 million deaths later.. and a US economy now +18 trillion in debt (you the tax payer) and no one has been held accountable??

  3. Yes 6.5 Trillion but they bought everyone in America a new Duramax Truck. Didn't you get yours? Oh and also they paid up to 200k of everyone's mortgage. Wait that only makes up for 20% of that… now are you amazed? "They Live, We Sleep"…

  4. Sorry to ask the obvious but, how did the Pentagon lose $6.5 TRILLION in 2015? Their budget was less than $1 TRILLION. I wasn't that good at math but I am pretty sure somthing is wrong with this picture.