The Pentagon’s Lies About the August 29 Drone Strikes Were Spread For Days By An Unquestioning Media

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On this episode of SYSTEM UPDATE with Glenn Greenwald: The Pentagon got caught lying about a drone strike it launched in Afghanistan. It claimed it killed two ISIS plotters on the way to the Kabul airport and that “secondary explosions” caused by the bomb may have killed civilians. All of that was false. They killed no terrorists, only 10 innocent civilians, including 7 children. And until the NYT’s Sept. 10 investigation, the media spent many days mindlessly spreading their falsehoods.

Written by Glenn Greenwald


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  1. Apparently, the Daniel Hale story, who uncovered that 90% of those killed by drones are not the target, but innocent civilians, has died. He is rotting in jail because of his evidence. Wow. So very, very sad.

  2. "You should just quit journalism. Go work for the Whitehouse…". Absolutely. Do everyone a favor and stop poisoning the public space with partisan propaganda masquerading as "good journalistic practice". We don't need you to "take care of us", thank you very much. If the Biden's screw up, that's on them. You don't need to protect them and you don't need to protect us "from ourselves".

  3. When will people wake up and understand the government lies to you every single day? The country is not run by elected officials but these agencies full of unelected criminals. MIC is never investigated but they control everyone you see in front of the camera, from MSM to Hollywood.

  4. It looks like they killed some random people just to change the news cycle. Just like they let thousands of unvetted Afghans fill up the planes so they could pretend they had the greatest evacuation ever. I’m wondering how long before we start having terrorist attacks in the United States.

  5. October 2020: Trump claims without evidence a vaccine will be available by the end of 2020. This is a lie. A vaccine is impossible to safely develope in that time span! Operation Warp Speed is a dangerous scam!

    November 2020: why yall won't take our vaccine??? This must be Trump's fault!

  6. See guys, John Kirby at Pentagon is not a liar, he;s an enlightened being; he always tells the truth "IN THE MOMENT". If it turns out not to be the truth the next moment then it's your problem because you not living IN THE MOMENT as he does.

  7. Glen you are reel journalist, not like the vast majority of the others that take money for their complicity in lying,, what harm has the journalistic trade done to destroy whole countries.

  8. I knew hours after the attack just by watching RT for no more than five minutes that there was children killed in the attack. Yet you have gaslighting individuals like Krystal Ball giving all of the credit to a NYT story for the reason the US government told the truth. It's more like the truth was out there and they were forced to report on it.

  9. Wasn't Trump accused of constant lying? Is seems that Biden himself as well as his entire administration is setting a whole new level of serial lying to cover their incompetency. The lying is getting so prevalent that people and agencies are turning on each other. And Biden is getting thrown under the bus as the biggest liar. It turns out that in the world of gigantic egos, the biggest ego always wins.

  10. I'm watching this a month later and this event has basically been memory holed. I haven't heard anything about accountability or justice. Now, everybody is talking about Biden farts. Noah, get the boat.

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