Text FRAUD to 88022

Written by Donald J Trump


  1. President Trump, bring on Marshall law, clean up the mob, lock up obama and this mob… put the media in order and tell the world to not F around with America and particularly shake up China

  2. The true baseline Americans should be ashamed of themselves for lining the pockets of social media companies! Is it really that important to show your friends the make believe world you appear to live in. You are fools and now we are getting what we deserve!
    Keep it up and in a very short time you will be waiting on breadlines, and witnessing the blood of citizens flow through the streets they once walked freely!

  3. I love watching this moronic horseshit. I'm not from The US and the rest of the world are laughing their asses off. I'm switching now to a channel more realistic… Ancient Aliens. Lol

  4. I have Never lived in A Communist Country but I Could See the Writing on the Wall, I have been trying to tell these Stupid people for the last 2 year's.