The police state & representative democracy (FB LIVE)

The police state & representative democracy (FB Live Re-Upload)

Written by Real Rukshan


  1. Man, you are right on many things but if you have to demand your human right, you don’t have any rights!!! Within the demand you have given up your human right, you negate it by demanding it!!! If you demand it back, it’s been taken away, if it’s been taken away, it was a privelage not a right!!!! Your a good Carnt rukshan I respect your fight, just fight smart not hard 👍

  2. what we need to do is get on board with craig kelly UAP ,,change they preferences ,, get 1 nation on board and australia 1 and abolish labor and liberal .. i,m unionist and we are setting up a new union for the people and only the people ,because them cunts is currupt aswell

  3. It seems, “COVID “ is set up in such a way, that certain Politicians don’t have to work, but still receive full pay 💰, while small business owners loose their businesses, ally BIG business to THRIVE 🤔.
    Nice work “ Poly-bludgers, your days are numbered 👎👎👎👎
    Kind regards, HISTORY!!

  4. Representative democracy was always a sham. The term propaganda was created by the Tavistock Institute. When we realise how corrupted our minds have become we'll no longer call ourselves the freedom loving people of a democracy, but rather the propagandised masses inside a fascist dictatorship.

  5. The premiers have started referring to unvaccinated in the terms "epidemic of unvaccinated". They are associating unvaccinated with dirtiness/virus/plague. They are trying to dehumanise us so that there is not sufficient pushback when they start treating us like animals/commodities.

  6. Let's face it. The liberal party has been compromised in Victoria. Dan has done a deal. Who knows when but a deal done all the same. He has them over a barrel. Can't lay a slap on him. Compromised.

  7. I think this is important to know: “The right to protest is important in a democracy. Many democratic nations include that right in their constitutions, or in separate legislation like a bill of rights. This is not the case in the constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia, although two states have taken that step separately – the ACT and Victoria. In Victoria the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act (2006) established the right of Victorians to freedom of expression, peaceful assembly and freedom of association- all important components of the right to protest."

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  8. I don't usually give compliments but brother, you're doing a beautiful job.
    All comprised of factual observations, no need to mince it up with what-ifs.
    I hope you continue and flourish 😀

  9. They don't want us to react online or offline. Let's not forget ABC, founded by taxpayers doesn't even have the comment section enabled.

  10. In Victoria we have one unhinged individual who has dismantled democracy to shore up his own power base INDEFINITELY. In the meantime he is committing crimes against humanity, closing schools and playgrounds and locking everyone in their homes for 18 months, inflicting untold damage. UNCHALLENGED. And politicising VicPol to take up arms against the people. The fear is that his grasp on reality is so far gone, where will it end?????????

  11. Thank you Rukshan for continually keeping us updated with the truth! I am reminded what the Bible says- By their fruit you shall know them! Look at the fruit of our Victoria Government ! What do you see? The fruit is not good! Remember, we will never get back in the future – the freedom we surrender today! There will come a day of reckoning!