The political costs of Trudeau seizing bank accounts under the Emergencies Act | Watch our full-length premium shows
On last night’s episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra discussed the Trudeau Liberals’ plans to seize bank accounts of customers without any due process, under Trudeau’s Emergency Economic Measures Order.

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  1. Trudeau is already freezing bank accounts and causing good people including people of Ottawa great harm. One shop owner has been reciving threats and vandalisum because she donated money he needs to be stopped before more good people get hurt

  2. This is easy to fix if every non government controlled bank freezes every politicians savings, investments and anything else they have then politicians will crap their pants

  3. How does anybody still believe in politics and government? We get 2 years with one old man/woman with one set of personal ideologies that we all must live by. 2 years later we get another old man/woman with opposing ideologies that we must all live by. In other words, our views must align with whoever is in charge and change every 2 years. It's a pantomime, a perpetual cycle of anxiety.

  4. We will no longer donate to any fundraisers or charities in fear that the government will disagree with who’ve we’ve chosen to give our money too and seize all of our money and belongings. The trickle effect is real! It is scary af!

  5. Trudoo stuck his nose in when india's farmers were protesting and sided with farmers lecturing India's government on democracy and their rights.then there was the native railway protests about 2 years ago where there was violence and they burned railway tiles and cars.there was a propane shortage for heating homes because it was in winter and all the economical loss.this went on for 6 weeks.nothing was done.

  6. It's obvious to me our leaders of the western world have been hijacked by the nwo as Joe, boris, and Justin here have sold themselves out to these entities and a trying to suck their people along with them .there all a fecking disgrace .

  7. Trudeau is protecting his Illegal monopoly and using our government for that protection. Check out his investments in Acuitas. All of this has perfect clarity when we look at it from the "follow the money angle".

  8. This is why defi wallets exist. Every person needs one now more than ever.
    My aunt is 78. Her account is frozen for donating 45 dollars to these great men and women protesting for Freedom, Change and Honking at him. Lol Whatta jellyfish. No spine in that man whatsoever.
    This is Trudeaus Canada people
    His "new norm"

  9. have we already fallen to communism and just not admitted it yet? when will Trudeau announce it? when will he say Hey guys GOTCHA at last! as the walls come down and our once beautiful great and free nation is no more….I wonder if he is taking advice from China on how to bring us into the communist fold.

  10. Canada is now where Venuzuela was as they started to slide down the slope… the snowball have just started to roll down the hill there is no turning back now. To late.

  11. Trudeau is doing the bidding of the great reset. He is treasonous and only thinking of how he can enrich his trudeau foundation through donations from the money hoarders and his future paid speaking gigs from Pfizer and others. Trudeau is purposely trying to bankrupt the country at the command of his employers and hus desired employers. When trudeau says "they take up space" he is refering to everyone but his own.

  12. I suspect that should a US bank freeze accounts of citizens at the behest of a foreign leader seeking dictatorship, the result would be to lose a massive number of American customers. Sane Americans don't support tyranny.

  13. I've banked at TD for decades. The only credit card in my wallet is a TD/Visa. Currently I'm planning on changing banks.

    I already have an account somewhere else. It is an old auto payment account I setup when I got a second mortgage.

    I read that TD was going to court to freeze Freedom Convoy Truckers accounts. Asap I shall withdraw my business from TD if I verify that they willingly cooperate with Tru-d'oh's march into Fascism.

    They are earning their collapse.

  14. OH CANADA OH CANADA I THE LORD GOD AM WITH YOU, the wicked leaders of your land are not fighting you but fighting Me and MY PLAN, they are attempting to drain and lynch and blockade the people coming together in one accord, what can be withheld from them says the Lord of Hosts.
    A VERY SUDDEN AND SHARP PLUMMET within the leadership of Canada shall echo freedom across the Land. Oh, Canada Cry out to Me March forward, put on the whole armor of God, and STAND for the dawn breaking forth of your salvation is at hand.
    And says the Lord of Hosts…

  15. My newly installed atms have 2 cdn currency and 1 u.s.(an hour and a half from a border). Love standing in line seeing that one unused, take a deep slow breath and consciously guide my thoughts to gratitude for bread today. That’s a lie, I don’t go there knowing that and that’s my coping strategy if ever I have no option to go to another. All my others now show they are dispensing CDN

  16. Speaking on Freeland (KGB code name Frida) how ironic is it that she wrote a book called Plutocrats: The Rise of the New Global Super Rich and the Fall of Everyone Else is a book about economic inequality, first published in 2012.
    And now she sits on the board of Trustees for the World Economic Forum that is doing exactly that.

  17. If I were running those US banks, I would lobby the US government to pressure Canada not to touch their banks. Trudeau is arrogant and brazen but he isn't dumb enough to challenge the USA.

  18. Old woman peaceful protester in Canada trampled by police
    horse….Another beaten by a rifle….Veterens beaten in the street
    …….Search for the video's , The only violence at this protest was by
    the police, The canadian police stained for generations

  19. These are the signs of a dictator… he needs to be removed and hopefully the people rise up and with one accord, throw him out and remove his wealth, for taking other people's wealth and freedom.

  20. Ezra, Do you really think Biden and the democrats will allow voters take their power away in the midterm elections? Don't kid yourself Biden gave Trudeau the OK to do what's he's done, this has been a dry run for Biden to see what they can try to get away with. What Trudeau has done is nothing to what Biden's going to do before he allows the right to retake any kind of power!

  21. The Banks are part of the new world order so if they do it there can do it any where thats part of the control mechanism for control food, water, gas, electricity and money the things to exist

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