The Politicisation of the England Team

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  1. Seriously, any man that calls football "sportsball", mentions the phrase "Bread and Circuses" and says they don't like the game are Mincers of the highest order and very likely Bully victims.

  2. 99% of these pro-Marxists plastic fans and I’d also wager the “hijabies” too neither could explain/understand the offside rule, don’t know any of the club teams the England players play for, and had never heard of Bukayo Saka until after the final penalty on Sunday night

  3. The diversity of the football squad is great. I have absolutely no doubts that the 22 players selected for the Euros were the best 22 players in England. I think it is stupid to think that people were selected because of a race or ethnicity. If that were the case, the remarkable lack of asian inclusivity would have sounded alarm bells. Absolutely the squad were picked on merit, and they did tremendously well and anyone with an ounce of decency respects that every single player played as well as they could and genuinely wanted to win.

    The problem is that issues such as Racism aren't black and white (pardon the pun). It's almost universally agreed that racism is bad (minus trolls and extremists and stella drinking bald headed arsewipes). The conflict comes with solving the racism. One side wants to solve racism with censorship and violence and the full force of a police state. They want anti racism to occupy the thoughts of everyone all the time. They want everyone to dedicate their workspaces, their entertainment, their platforms however large or small it is they want it all dedicated to an anti racism message. They want race to be at the forefront of people's minds. They want people to identify the different races, and the specific challenges those races face. Basically they want people to hold on to outdated and wrong stereotypes about ethnicities and use those stereotypes to change their behaviours around those ethnicities.

    For example if I a white man were to see a black man mugging someone. I should not call the police, because I may endanger that black mans life by creating a police encounter. It is my duty as a privileged white man to allow the crime to take place. Because, according to the progressives, that man has no option but to steal due to the inherent racism in society.

    The alternative is to pursue a path of colourblindness. The man mugging the person isn't a black man, he's just a man. A man conducting a criminal offence. As another man and an upstanding member of society it is your duty to report that offence. Or for example, the england team isn't 40% black. It's 100% English. The success of the team is the success of the country and the team and the country should be proud of the achievements of the whole team. Not because its a diverse team, but because they are fucking good at football.

    As for the other left wing political shit about equality. If the England Squad want to donate their fat paycheck to some charities all the power to them, if they want to openly support the labour party big deal. They could hand out Mao's little red book at matches for all i care. If they keep winning games then I'll support them. Their political opinions are neither here nor there.

    Just a note. I am genuinely concerned about quoting certain left wing proponents of critical race theory because its genuinely disgustingly racist. Like these people genuinely believe that POC can't help themselves but commit crimes. It's the most patronising and racist shit I've seen in a long time.

  4. 3:05 The 3 Lions are I would say somewhat of a sacred symbol for me, it symbolises England and the national animal of it. Pride, fierceness courage. Then they put a sweaty lazy hairy communist over the top of it! Free speech, they are allowed it of course no doubt about that, but damn it why do they have to do that…. Go to China you socialist fucknuts.

  5. Rainbow armbands, what about that dinky dong rainbow mobile which brought the ball to the spot kick, with gay colours? Talk about virtual signaling?

  6. If the English players had stood there and put their hands behind their backs and bowed their heads, instead of taking the knee, I would have supported it, but BLM have demanded people take the knee for over a year and that was exactly what they did, If I was there I'd be booing too. Keep politics out of sports.

  7. In the movie braveheart, the nobles betray Wallis longshanks buys them off , sadly these lick spittle , spoilt I'm all right jack , I'll stick a pine apple up my arse just don't take away my death cage and fancy. Pants, god I could vomit

  8. This is'nt about diversity. This is about Is-Lamb taking over. Even the blm supporters are too thick to see it happening right in front of them. Whites will suffer the most,especially females. Ffs.

  9. And the politicisation of the England team continues with 2 people who admit to having no interest in the game, talking about it.

    Just bore off.

  10. There are people commenting here who seem to genuinely think Southgate picked the penalty takers based on diversity of skin colour.

    I hope for your sake, you are russian bots. It's fucking tragic.

  11. It´s hilarious, that basically EVERYONE with a youtube account, if not having the account mainly considering football in the first place, declares how they don´t follow football at all 🙂 It´s very fine, but still hilarious. I do follow football, for the sake of the game, whilst at the same time knowing how it can be used as distraction or for other nefarious purposes.