The Politics of Pretense: Perpetually Triggered People are All Just Liars

Nobody is genuinely offended by things as much as the triggerkin proclaim. They just do it to keep up appearances. Church gossips used to do this.


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#Outrage #Triggered


  1. This was true in the Trump presidency. I figured people I knew couldn't believe everything they were hearing. I asked and half just loved the drama. They told me what they were saying and hearing they knew was ?… But they tuned in and talked on the phone spreading lies.

  2. And that's actually why I hate them. Above and beyond everything else, I hate hypocrites more than anything else.

    I would respect a person who at least truly believed in the garbage ideas they spew. But these wokesters are almost uniformly hypocrites who don't live what they claim to believe.

  3. how many of the accounts on twitter represent real people and how many are run by one person with hundreds of accounts? In 2008 the 0bama campaign was flooding the comments section of every online newspaper with pro-0bama comments, and most of those were being made by people with numerous email accounts under different user names. Twitter could very well be the same kind of set up.

  4. Worse than liars. Perpetually triggered people are usually so on behalf of others. That is a huge problem because a society that is perpetually concerned with the plight of others, rather than their own shortcomings and failures, makes for a society that constantly misunderstands real problems, ie first world problems.

  5. Cluster B personality disorder… they were the clique leaders in HS, their mommy the Realtor who brought the free cupcakes for everyone and special favors for the teachers and admin… their fan club are the flying monkeys who have to pass a shit-test in order to be part of the group… Multi-Level Marketing types who sell ideology, which then becomes just another product. In fact, the global corps have turned it into their latest way of taking these sad peoples' money b/c it's really that easy.

  6. You said it, No life of their own. It's narcissism at it's height. They're fractured, weak, pathetic and politically powerful. That's the problem. Victim-hood for the past 5 years is celebrated… and dangerous.

  7. Good analysis! It’s fun these days for people to pretend to be offended- it grants attention and some weird form of personal validation- attention- of any type- is the new currency