THE POLLING PROBLEM! – Why The Red Wave Is Even Bigger Than You Think

With the generic ballot severely lagging Joe Biden’s net disapproval rating and several polls from key races yielding unexpected results, I analyze why the Election Mafia has not learned a thing from 2016, 2018, or 2020.


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  1. They manipulate/lie when reporting the poll numbers in favor of democrats BECAUSE they always CHEAT and COMMIT ELECTION FRAUD and dont want people shocked when the democrat wins…..The polls are as crooked as the vote results…..

  2. Although there will be a huge Red wave, wonder if the same “Blue Wave”, that voted for “The Most POPULAR President in History” AKA ‘Bike Fail Biden’, will have any effect here…

  3. None of this really matters…… as long as I've been following politics (decades)…'s a never ending game of this party get power until they F up….and visa versa……
    If I didn't know any better, I'd say it's almost like each side F's up on purpose so each one gets to "play" Offense…………
    and NOTHING significant …..ever gets done….because they ALL ride the same gravy train…..and NO ONE is allowed to "Rock the Boat"

  4. I can't believe there is still such a thing as an undecided voter. Uneducated would be a better description.. If you follow politics, and you're still undecided, something is very very wrong .

  5. I have been watching you for years and I think you are quite informed on each states' election procedures and candidates. You have gotten better and better as the years roll on. You used to just look at the polls as is and not clarify that the polls are skewed. You now do. Way to go!! Your analysis is now more accurate than ever.

  6. I've been asking a simple question for a few years. I still have the same phone number as my old land line. Until 2020, come election time I was getting 3-5 poll calls a month during election years and 2-3 a week in Oct-Nov. But since 2020, it's as though my number ceased to exist. I know it's not the Do Not Call list, it sure doesn't stop much of anyone else. I got my first "poll" call yesterday – and it was actually a thinly-veiled donation squeeze by a local candidate.

    What's more, like nearly everyone else these days, I have two phone numbers. Neither is getting poll calls. So who they heck are they even polling? Sure, Ohio isn't the full-tilt swing state it used to be but I should still be getting state polls, yes?

  7. This election cycle we may have an answer to the age old question, what happens when an irresistible force meets an unyielding object. In our case it will be, what happens when an unbelievable Red Wave meets the Left's election fraud machine

  8. Yes, America First strategy is a winning strategy in the Rust Belt. Heck, I’m in Ohio and I have seen Tim Ryan ads giving Trump credit on trade…..what? JD Vance, where are you?

  9. What makes you think a steelworker would support Oz over Fetterman? Oz is a joke from New Jersey who doesn’t give a shit about the working class, much less unionized factory workers

  10. H. L. Mencken, writer in the Baltimore SUN a century ago said that "…no one ever went broke underestimating the stupidity of the American people." Folks, don't get your hopes up about the election. There will be ballot stealing by Democrats, this time on double steroids. And, dumb people of a certain ethnic group will still be solidly Democrat.

  11. I DO NOT TRUST THEM!!! VOTE ANYWAY!!! I WOULD NOT PUT IT PASSED THEM TO MAKE PEOPLE FEEL COMFORTABLE LIKE THEY'RE SAFE WHEN WE ARE NOT!! VOTE IN THE MIDTERMS. VOTE LOCAL. VOTE ON EVERYTHING YOU CAN!!!!! VOTE THE RINOS OUT!! This is how we caught THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE!!! If we had NOT TURNED OUT TO VOTE it would have not been so blazingly OBVIOUS THAT TRUMP WON!! They got caught because they underestimated the power of WE THE PEOPLE. They could not cheat ENOUGH!! WE NEED TO DO IT AGAIN!!!!! DO YOUR DUE DILIGENCE FOR YOUR COUNTRY BY EXCERCISING YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE!!! People Americans fought and died just so we could HAVE THESE SACRED FREEDOMS!!! VOTE. VOTE. VOTE. VOTE ON EVERYTHING ANYWAY. The least everyone can do is take care of themselves, stay informed, and exercise your rights!!! THE LEAST WE CAN DO. HOLD YOUR OWNSELVES ACCOUNTABLE and we will see the weight lifted off of all our people!!! GODSPEED PATRIOTS Amen 🙏 🇺🇸❤️💯

  12. SADLY, THE POLL IS NOT WRONG!!! ALL POLITICS ARE LOCAL!!! You kept babbling about Joe Biden, but Joe Biden is NOT on the Ballet this year!!!!!!! PA DOESN'T LIKE OZ!!!! and many Trump's picks are either psychotic ones who put out crazy ads and the ones who STILL live in 2020!!! REPUBLICANS are in TROUBLE in MI, MO, AZ, PA!!!! SO WAKE THE F UP!

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