The Polls: Copiate For The Masses

Sure is October 2016 in here…

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Written by The Rageaholic

The Excellence of Elocution


  1. Twitter is 90% Trump according to my research, I accept Pennsylvania for Biden because of voter fraud, California and New York may end up being 45% Trump, and Trump wins overall populous vote

  2. The polls are cooked. There is no fucking way that Biden and his 15 rally goers are leading Trump and his thousands.
    So what you have to ask is "how cooked are they".
    I figure that most likely its close to 50/50 like any election is and Joe is getting a 15 point fake cushion and with a poll that screwed I don't trust that the methodology is being bent to give him a even bigger lead by the poll conductors bias.

  3. OF course the dems are gonna fraud.
    i went to early voting and cast my ballot for GodEmperor Trump.
    i would like to know how to watch the ballot boxes and make sure there isn't cheating where i can.

  4. Even if the Democrats win the Presidency and the House and Senate, they will come up with some kind of rule / excuse why that majority is not good enough to get anything done. They did this before the last time they had a majority. Both parties are getting rich selling our government employees time to the highest special interest bidder. The reason nothing really happens in congress is entirely due to the special interest investment in making sure nothing does.

  5. Three things are going on with the polls: 1.) gross oversampling, 2.) counting registered and unregistered (even non-citizens in some cases) over "registered motivated", 3.) supporting Trump can get you killed, so "shy Trump voters" exist.

  6. Like you said, Biden team doesn't know where to hold rallies even. They haven't really ever traveled anywhere for actual work before.

  7. Polls are never accurate. There are so many variables with political polling. Too many to consider them reliable. I'm not an expert or anything like that, but with some logical thinking, this what I came up with.
    1. Who conducted the poll
    2. how many people did they actually poll
    3. what are the typical voting patterns of the people who participated in the poll
    4. When did the polling start and conclude
    5. Which state was the polling being conducted in
    6. What are the typical voting patterns of the state where the polling was conducted.
    7. what percentage of people who participated in the poll where being dishonest about their opinions (this actually happens a lot more than you would think. Especially now with our current political climate)

    All of these things reflect how accurate or inaccurate a poll may be.

  8. Even as someone who lives here, I still don't know why Ohio is still considered a toss-up state. And why whenever someone from my home state does something "eventful", it becomes national news, or a part of history.

  9. I wonder if doing a piece on how MSM is trying to hang the Q flag on Trump is interesting to you. That seems like something you would kill at covering.

  10. I didnt see 3 advertisements for this even tho when I logged into YouTube today I got a joe biden ad right at the top of my screen. Weird how that works.