The power bill Australia can’t afford!

WATCH THE WHOLE GODDAMN VIDEO to understand how we can turn Australia into global super-power, fix the energy crisis, creating and transition jobs and make the big fossil fuels company’s pay their fair share. Huge thanks to Tim Buckley for taking the time to chat.


Written by The West Report


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  1. I keep reading about people grabbing multi-digit income in investments every month, even in these crazy days in the market, and fluctuations in prices,any pointers on how to make substantial progress in income? I would appreciate. The cost of living at this time is getting really high. I really need good ways to increase my finance😣

  2. It’s imperative we scrutinize government over decisions that impact
    Not only Australian Buisness’s but destroy Australian wealth and opportunity to make a better future. As he said we could be a world leader

  3. Yet another couple of climastrology zombies who have no idea about about either climate and what does and does not drive the current milding or the utter uselessness of current ''renewable'' tech.

  4. The amount of utter nonsense in this video is breath-taking. Australian ''action on climate change'' Would be this…. At ''net zero co2 emissions'', the effect on the global average temperature would be 0.02 degrees c (1/50th) of 1 degree. AND, that is ONLY if you happen to believe that the 1 degree C rise over the last 100 years was solely caused by humans – a claim which in itself is spurious in the extreme. There is NO scientific empirical evidence of the above, and NO evidence that shows that the anthropogenic co2 warming signal can be separated from natural variation REGARDLESS of what you may have been led to believe.

  5. I am beginning to feel like a person from Timor Leste must have felt having been ripped off by the LNP Government since Howard to Morrison. The betrayal the Australian people have been dealt by the Australian Government and Chevron. It is contemptible and palatable. These people should be in jail for stealing our own resources. Yes, export carbon tax to pay off the debt from a fair share of the Australian resources they have ripped off the Australian and Timor Leste people and with Australian politicians in jail. Thank you Michael West and Tim Buckley.

  6. Those renewable energy zones sound very exciting.. the reluctance of the past government to embrace renewables for job creation and prosperity is unbelievable. How could they not see the opportunities on offer?

  7. I can buy a small domestic coal powered generator today from $4k in china, and i can buy a years worth of coal to run my house for about $200 bucks. Why can I generate my own power at a fraction of the cost?

  8. Honestly any climate disscussion solution that doesn't mention nationalization of industry, giving people power themselves instead of having to go through a 3rd party corporate price-gouger to get energy, and talking about efficiency/waste of resources is worthless. We could do this right now, with a retooling of our energy sector. Every house in my neighbourhood has solar panels. Why do we need to pay a corporation for power in the first place when we have the potential to power ourselves?

    We cannot tackle climate change with merely taxes on the rich. The rich themselves need to go. A climate solution is a solution away from capitalism, that's the bottom line IMO.

  9. Telling it like it is… Very surprising to hear and see it being said. Gouging Australian resources to gouge Australian customers….not surprising for energy cartel thieves.

  10. I have been watching you for a month . My god the damage that has been done by the liberal- NP has been extraordinarily. There needs to be a proper enquiry into this . If we were lied to some people must have brocken laws. In Victoria when the electricity & gas were privatised a guy called Smith who ran the SEC in Victoria warned that what is happening would happen . The Victorian government at the time just said he was trying to save his job.

  11. At least he admits it was the investment opportunity that got him onto it and not the unsettled science. Anybody who has watched Planet of the Humans here on YT would know that renewables has become a very dirty industry today and the science around it can not be trusted. Did you know we were 2 degrees higher than now in the medieval era that we went through and that there is no evidence to prove extreme weather events are not caused by sun flares and other external factors?
    This rush to fix something that we don't understand is not a good look on society but really great for the people making billions from this incredibly deluded science avoiding industry.

  12. Cracker vid, well done. 👍🇦🇺👍

    My wife & I are elderly homebodies, so to keep our heating bill down, we only put the heater on for half an hour in the morning to take the chill out if it's icy & stay comfortable by wearing Oodies, fleecy track pants & Uggs. It's doable because we have a very efficient ducted R/C air con system, fully insulated wall cavities & ceilings, no raked ceilings, modestly sized rooms & lots of North facing windows.
    We don't have many visitors, but they always feel cosy & don't want the heater on when asked.

    My everyday routine is to jump into my warm handy man clothes, but invariably end up taking layers off when I'm into the physical stuff.
    I have very poor circulation, yet our way of doing things works.
    Peeps out there, don't smoke, cut down on your sugar intake (reject junk food), pitch in with your partner to make REAL food with what you've bought from your local grocer & butcher.
    Don't get sucked in by the BS, consume only what you need.

  13. Sorry but I cannot take a climate change co2 emission catastrophe scenario situation seriously when nuclear base load power generation is still considered of the table. China gets to build 100+ new coal power plants while the west shuts down and purchases solar and wind turbines from china that have a limited generation period before becoming no recyclable landfill let alone the amount of batteries required to store daylight solar into peak night time required energy needs… Australia generates less the 1% global emissions yet all of a sudden were expected to bare the burden of the entire globe's atmospheric pollution when 1 Tongan volcano puts our last decade of emissions into insignificance…chicken little sky is falling fear mongering is placing an entire generation of Australians into an unnecessary burden. We cannot compete globally when our energy is the most expensive and our wages are the highest to make anything in Australia non profitable…all that's left is tax anything moving into the ground in the hope of making our feel good society barely function,

  14. You want to produce energy in Oz? Stop leaning on the aus people and Pay your tax in full! Stop hiring and flying in temp o/s visa holders to save money and Reserve 5-10% to local energy reserves. Then maybe we will work on giving you some subsidies. If you threaten to leave that's fine see ya later, the 'free' market will provide producers that will do the right thing. You answer to us first as other sovereign nations do and then to shareholders second, never the other way round.

  15. What are you going to store all this renewable. Lithium is a limited source and most batteries are made in China. I believe Nuclear needs to be revisited. But it not explain Renewable storage. Even Electric car's batteries have a life span how we recycle them. Yes we want renewables but how we going to do it. What do we do with all the Recreation vehicle's and farm machinery and minning companies. Then general public vehicles. There is a desire to go green but is it really a 24 / 7 reality.
    On Gas we have the mechanism in Government to force the LNG companies to supply domestic 1st but Labor not using it.

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